Wednesday, March 17, 2021

In the Face of Hate

In the face of hate
I look on with love
Love for the object of scorn
Love for the broken fragments 
Of what once was whole
That fly like shrapnel to destroy
In word
In movement
In the absence of action
To shield the face
From the ugly display
Of those who have forgotten
Whose they are 
To Whom we belong
As One
Parts of one body
Fearfully and wonderfully made
Now just fearful
Because the wonder was lost
Lost in the perversion of the image
Of the Creator by the created
Into their own image 
Of power
Of lust
Of grandeur and glory
Servant becoming master
Of their own gospel which
Betrays THE Gospel
Which liberates us all 
From the chains that bind 
Instead of cuffing us 
In new shackles
Which will never let us be
Free from the prisons
Of our own creation
That distort our faces
Into stranger beings
Instead of neighbors
Where love is lost 
And hate is made
But Love demands 
We let our hearts
Break from the breaking
Of the whole into shards
Until love is found
In the remnants and rubble
To be cobbled back together
Transforming animosity 
Into amity
Where in the face of hate
Love overwhelms and
In presence
In power
Turning the other
Into "our"...

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