Our Family Saints

As we try to strengthen our prayer life and live out our calls to be intentional disciples of Christ in this world, we have decided to ask the saints in a special way to keep our family in their constant prayer. For the next year(ish), these are the saints to whom we plead for intercession:

St. Dominic: We are fortunate to have a lovely relic of St. Dominic in our home, so it only makes sense that we would implore him more fervently for prayer. Having had the Rosary entrusted to him, a passionate preacher, he is a model of devoted disciple and bold apostle. Add to that Blessed Frassati's devotion to him, he becomes a natural intercessor for our little family. You can learn more about the life of St. Dominic here.

Blessed Mother Teresa: Sharing my birthday with her feast day, her mission city with my heritage and now her "patronage" over the Hubbers' high school class, Blessed Teresa already plays a significant role in our prayer lives. Why not ask her for more prayers for our family? She is the perfect model for the Casa as we try to live out the tagline: "love selflessly, serve joyfully, live boldly" You can learn more about the life of Blessed Teresa of Kolkata here.

St. Gianna Beretta Molla: As Li'l G's namesake, St. Gianna definitely holds a special place in our hearts and prayers. As a professional woman married later in life, I connected instantly to her story when I first came upon it. Since then, she has prayed me through two pregnancies alongside St. Gerard and continues to be a model of selfless and sacrifical love. She too, now receives special prayers for her intercession from us all. Learn more about the life of St. Gianna here.

St. Jude: As Judah's namesake, St. Jude has become a go-to in times of prayer for us. As the patron of hope (not only for hopeless causes!), St. Jude helps us to stay focused on the promise that "hope does not disappoint." Whether it be the milestone of the day, such as potty training or tantrum taming, or the trials of life in general, St. Jude offers us consolation that all shall be well, and nothing is too little for God. Learn more about the life of St. Jude here.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: In no small part, we owe the beginnings of Famiglia McCormick to Blessed Frassati. Whilst both the Hubs and I were working in young adult ministry, it was his involvement with the Frassati Society of Detroit that brought our paths together more frequently than our work otherwise would have. Add to that an Italian young man with a love for the Eucharist, the poor, and enjoying life, and we have ourselves another member of our family of saints. Learn more about the life of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati here.

St. John XXIIISt. John Paul II: With the canonizations of these saints last year, we decided that their newly sainted prayers may serve us well. Both men continue to remind us that we must be about sharing joys and the sorrows of our neighbors. We have to find new ways to engage one another in the mystery of faith and life so that one day all men and women might know the deep love of God and share in His eternal kingdom.

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