Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pillow Talk at Casa McCormick

Don't worry, it's Rated G...Li'l G, that is.

Mama, tucking in Li'l G at 2nd bedtime last night: Ok, it's time to go to bed and sleep, honey bear.

Li'l G: I'm TOO BUSY to sleep!!

Mama: Too busy?!?

Li'l G: YES! I have TWO THINGS to do!!

Mama: Two things? What two things?

Li'l G: I have to go in the closet and get the guitar!

Mama: You have to get the guitar? What else?

Li'l G: I have to get the guitar and play it! Yeah!

There was important work to be done before bedtime. Apparently this kid has rockstar genes.


  1. Amazing - my mom's nickname for me was Honeybear. Funny thing, when I first went to camp (age 6) the registration form asked for nicknames and I told my mom to put "Honeybear". She asked me if I was sure, but in my head I was answering a question that was asked [do you have a nickname? YES!]. So for the next 6 years at that camp I was known as Honeybear!

    1. How sweet! We go through a lot of nicknames, but Honey Bear and Sugar Pie seem to stick the most. :)