Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Five Faves: Potent Potpourri for $1000, Alex

It's basically a hodgepodge of favey faves today, so bear with me!

First up: Fashion Finds

1) Scoring big at the 5 for $5 white tag sale at ye olde SalArm? Definite fave! Summer tops galore, and most should still fit over a baby belly if we go down that road again. 

2) Maxi dresses at Target. Oh, Jill Anderson, why oh why did you tempt me with your Target post? I am weak! (And incidentally the proud owner of two new maxi dresses, which I love. I don't even have to shave, which is an added bonus in my book for summer - probably not so much the Hubs' favey fave thing.)

Dress it up, dress it down, I can wear it all over town! What? You no like my poetic prowess?? 

Next up: The Little Peoples

3) Veggie Tales Bible - this girl loves reading this, and we approve! Well, until the 100th reading of Dave and the Giant Pickle, that is. I mean, the girl can pretty much recite it herself. I'd say "she can read!" except that it is a comic strip and she has basically memorized the dialogue. Either way, love. Reading? Good. Scripture? Good. Put it together? Very Good!

4) The in hooligans in the backyard. They love playing outside, and on a day like today, I like sitting outside and working! Win, win, win!

My workstation

The hooligans playstations

Final Jeopardy Category: House & Home

5) WE ARE GETTING A NEW BATHROOM!!! I'm sorry, did you not hear that? Let me say that again. WE ARE GETTING A NEW BATHROOM!!! I'm not excited about this or anything. Why would I be excited about obliterating this yucko sucko existing bathroom? Doesn't everyone love walls with at least three layers of peeling paint that molds at the first drop of water and grout that never comes clean? Exactly. 

Buh-bye old friend...

Hello clean, beautiful new friend...

We'll see what the finished project actually looks like, but I am ready to let the demolition begin! Off to look at tile and fixtures tonight, because this project can't start soon enough!

That's it for this edition of Five Faves! To see what other people are lovin' on this week, head on over to Hallie's!

A little post script note: Know what I don't love? The Blogger App. While it has come a long way, baby, it still irritates me to no end. Nothing like having an entire post written only to have it stall in upload and have to retype more than half of it. Rant over. Now go look in on more lovin' at Hallie's. 


  1. Yay new bathroom! Love what you're going to do with it! Oh and yay to everything else, too :)

  2. That Maxi dress from Target is adorable...but like I need another reason to go to Target! ;-)

  3. We have the pink version of your (current) bathroom. I'm jealous of your reno!

    1. Ha! I've seen it in pink and green. :) I cannot wait to get this thing started!! Seems like it will be a little longer than I was hoping, but at least it will be done!!