Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Five Faves: Dead Car Edition

Hubs saying tata to his "friend" of 10 yrs.
This Five Faves is brought to you by an unexpected search for a new-to-us car! There is nothing like hearing the Hubs walk back in the door five minutes after he left. Either he is unwell, or the car is, and for my part, I am glad it was the car! We'd been lamenting how long all our summer house projects were taking to get scheduled, and now we know why. God clearly had other plans, like a new car. This is apparently the method by which Casa McCormick acquires new vehicles. We got the current mama-mobile when my car was stolen in 2011. The new mama-mobile is courtesy of a car that has died. Rest in peace Moaning Myrtle (or Bradley, depending on who you ask...), rest in peace.

We are hoping this was God's plan, since we found the vehicle that was at the top of my list for our next car, used with decent mileage at exactly our price point at the first place we looked. Like most things, I don't trust that God could work that quickly, so we looked a few other places. It was clear that the first one we saw was the one we were bringing home eventually. Note to self: work on trusting God's plan. We are the new proud owners of ... wait for it ... a minivan! Hash that #thingsIsaidI'dneverdo or #turningintomymother. It's cray-cray-crazy to see the patience with which God leads me down the road I need to go. With our last purchase, I was ADAMANT. I did.not.want a minivan. 

Lugging two kids in the new car plus all their bells and whistles and equipment, I was beginning to think our next car would need to be a little bigger still, especially if we were ever to have more bambinos. Then, we got a minivan at The Mantle. I drove it. I loved it, and the ease of getting everyone in and out was ah-may-zing! This was a few months ago. I decided then that our next car down the road would probably be a minivan, and not a eco-friendly smaller sedan like I'd initially thought. So, that's that story, mornin' (or afternoon) glory. Life is unexpected, but providence leads us along.

What does this have to do with what I'm digging this week? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Here's that lovely list for a link up with Hallie now.


I realize it isn't the best picture, but I was trying to be quick quick like a bunny as we were leaving lunch to go back to the dealership. We ate at Potbelly's, which I already dig, but now I dig 'em even more. They have that sign at the front. As a mom with littles who often runs out of hands when we go places, they had me at the picture of the stoller. I love you Potbelly, and not just for your tasty treats.


I am not a fan of yogurt. This? This I would eat! It is decadently silky and oh, so tasty! The hubs did point out that part of that decadence owes itself to the fact that this particular variety was made with whole milk. I almost don't care - it was THAT GOOD. We did try the nonfat variety, and though it was not as luxurious as the whole milk yogurt, it was still leaps and bounds above any yogurt I've ever had. This will be added to our semi-regular grocery list!


This. I LOVE this. Hubs's longtime friend and his kids were in town visiting so we met up at the zoo. Li'l G loves playing with other kids, especially ones that actually pay attention to her. These boys did oblige. They held hands, they looked at animals, they mooched food off each other. It was the best. It's just too bad they live in the Carolinas - that doesn't make for a quick trip or playdates.


I know, you're thinking "those are glasses." You're right. They are. Here's the backstory. We got some beautiful glasses off our wedding registry that were a little too delicate for our hand washing family. Those departed circa 2010, less than a year after we got them. I ended up with some others from the TripleB, but didn't love them (and they too, chipped easily). We were at Costco a couple weeks ago and ran across this 20pc set for $10. Now, that's a deal! So far, they've proven durable, and a delight to drink out of. I know, I am pleased by quite silly things sometimes.



That's my favoritest favorite this week, even if he does look a bit like a zombie...

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  1. I don't know why it has never occurred to me to look for glasses at Costco! Next time I go, totally looking.

    1. I have to admit that when I first got this comment in my emailbox, I was foggy brained in the morning and was thinking, "How does Rosie know I'm going to get my eyes checked at Costco soon?" Then I realized I had written about drinking glasses. Oh, morning brain is so very foggy... Incidentally, I am also checking out eyeglasses there. ;)