Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Faves: An Eclectic Smattering

Linking up with Hallie Grace today...

With the collection below, I feel like I should be asking Alex to see a clue in the Potent Potpurri category. You'll rue the day, Trebek!! Oh, sorry, back to a smattering o' things that have caught my eye this week.


Bold prints. Stretching out of my natural comfort zone for this one. In my 20s my natural uniform was shades of black, brown, grey, olive, etc. Finally breaking into brighter colors and patterns. Ye gads!


Frames from the Salvation Army. Getting ready for some crafty goodness!!!


Pretties for our dirties... Think this lovely toilet brush will lead me to like cleaning the bathroom? Yeah, me neither, but it's worth a try...


Kids' cups from Friday's (or any other restaurant for that matter). Perfect size for juice or a splash of something cool and refreshing! I just happen to like these best because I'm pretty sure the artist has used Abby Scuitto from NCIS as their model. It's skater-Abby here. We've also got astronaut-Abby and soccer-Abby.


Avocado. 'Nuff said. Plain, with some salt and pepper and lime, with olive oil/ salt/pepper/cilantro/lime/onion/tomato, in pretty much any had me at hello.

That's the story for this week! Perhaps next week I'll share with you my not-so-fashion-forward love of Capri leggings. For now, go see what the rest of the gang is loving over at Grace's who is guest hosting for Hallie while she's on vacation and visiting Jen. 

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