Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Five Faves: Garage Sale Edition

This was going to be the Wednesday I had it all together and got this post up before noon. I was on the ball (after I recovered it from the seals). Everything was mostly written just awaiting some photos and a decision on the Hubs' Choice Award favorite. Then, I would press publish and ... voila! Well, voila is happening a lot later than I planned. Life again is not always about my planning. What was supposed to be a quick trip to the store with the kiddos ended abruptly. There's nothing like a phone call coming from the Hubs' phone with someone else on the line that sends your throat into your stomach. Luckily, it was a colleague of his who is a friend of mine so the first words were, "he's fine" before there was an explanation of why I was getting a call. 

He really is okay - just had passed out and needed to be checked out. Praise God he is fine. That is never the first thought - my mind always leaps to the worst possible scenario first, perhaps as a self preservation mechanism. Either way, praise God he is fine. There have been some great posts on marriage, and strangely enough that's what Hallie's Fave Five highlights this week. I won't elaborate with my thoughts tonight, but I'll tell you that phone calls like that remind me how very very blessed I am by my husband. And how very thankful I am that he is fine. And how much fun we have together even when life seems to keep throwing curveballs and seems to be filled with the mundane. So my five favorites were really spot on with some of the mundane fun we have been soaking up this summer.

We have a new addiction at Casa McCormick. Garage sales...or as we like to call it, sale-ing. Sure, some people think we are avid boat enthusiasts, but we (and now you) know the truth. We have found some lovely new-to-us treasures over the summer, so here are five of my favorite finds as I link up with Hallie over at The Moxie Wife.

1) Outdoor benches & chairs ($20 for the set)

2) Tricycle for Li'l G ($1)

3) Rocking chair for Li'l G ($5)

4) Mirror for Li'l G ($3 + paint I already had at home)

5) The Hubs' Choice Award goes to the shelf in our beautiful new bathroom ($10).

Yes, I know - it's pretty much been a haul for the little girl, though the little man has gotten himself a few trucks to play with too.

And now, I bid you all a good night as another long day faces me much sooner than I would like. Be sure to stop by Hallie's at Moxie Wife and read up on those fabulous posts on marriage!

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  1. Now those are some awesome finds to share about...I should go garage sale hunting with you lady! geez-a-lou!! :)