Friday, August 9, 2013

Seven Super Duper Quick Takes

This is the last day of the Hubbers's summer vacation. So in his honor, I'm going to write his back to school report: "What We Did (and Didn't) Do On Our Summer Vacation" and link it on up to Jen's Seven Quick Takes. 

1) Bathroom remodeled! Yeah, I know - you've heard enough on that already. It is clearly the moment by which we measure our summer, though. Here's a pic of some of my favorite details.

2) The ZOO! So we didn't go nearly as often as we thought we would due to weather and such, but we did go a few times, and it's on our to-do for tomorrow (after we were rained out Tuesday and Wednesday this week).

3) Judah turned 1. It wasn't hectic, but it's still memorable. This now means chasing him around as he gets his land legs and knows he can book it to wherever he wants to go. We now live in a gated property, only not the kind Kid Rock has. We've set up a little gated play area in our hallway that involves four gates and three closed doors. Call us inventive - we are happy to come to a home near you to consult! :)

There are three more gates to the right blocking
off the kitchen and some stairs. Gate central.

4) Hit the splash pad and the pool. We never did make it to the beach, but I'm kind of okay with that this year. I'm not sure I wanted to spend the day wrangling one kid from running into the water and batting away sand from the other one's mouth. Some things are better left undone. ;) They do love the water, though, so the splash pad and Aunt Ceenie's pool was a big old hit - we'll be returning on the occasional warm weekend day I'm sure. 

5) Enjoyed planting and harvesting from our garden. We tried some new things this year, and while they didn't all take off as we would have liked, we are enjoying the bounty. Tomatoes, peppers, lots and lots of lettuce and basil, fresh green beans...reminds me of my childhood and watching/helping my dad in the garden (mostly watching, let's not kid). 

6) Spruced up the backyard. It's taken a few years, but we have finally gotten the backyard to a point where we really enjoy being out there. The fence was completed, the garden was made manageable by switching to container gardening, we got the kids a splash table and outdoor toys, and we ran across a steal for a bench and chairs ($20!) - they just need a little TLC to get the chipped paint off and make sure there aren't splinters poking out. Speaking of which, that's where the Hubs and Li'l G are right now as I type and little man takes an after dinner snooze. He's so stinking cute when he sleeps, I'm totally okay with it. 

"What I Wore Last Sunday But Didn't Link Up"

7) Lots of walks with the kids and playing in the park. Really a favorite pastime that is sure to continue into the autumn evenings. Green park, orange park, red park (?)...she names them all according to her own pleasure. 

Remember metal park equipment?!
Not just a thing of the past!!

That is what the Hubs did on his summer vacation (and I tagged along). It wasn't what I had planned, but it was full and blessed. I'm hoping to be back to writing a little more regularly next week. Enjoy your weekends, one and all, and go check out other quick takes over at Conversion Diary!

PS - How could I forget?!? We also got a new-to-us car when the Hubs had to bid a teary farewell to his trusted Moaning Myrtle! It was definitely a full summer with much renewal.

Poor Myrtle. Poor Hubs. She shall live on in memory.

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  1. Great picts! Esp. love the one of the water, and all the bathroom details. Where did you get your floral rug?

  2. Sounds like a great summer! :)

    And, my niece totally names all of her parks, too!! It's so cute. Let's see, there is "Fun Park" "Big Park" and I think something like "Park Park" And more! :)

  3. Sounds like a very full and happy summer! :)

  4. Sounds like a fun summer vacation doing just enough to write about but not so much he'll need a vacation to recover from his vacation.