Friday, October 4, 2013

7QT: Bollywood, Besmirchers, & Bad Attitudes

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1) I know, I chide all the couch to 5Kers with my "ha! I only run when chased!" The truth is, I've never been interested in running so it simply doesn't work as an exercise plan for me. I do, however, need to get off my derriere and get moving, so I was thinking about what might entice me to do much of anything. What is it that I love? Dance it is! I looked up some Ballet Barre Fit type video on ye olde You Tube, and then randomly (because this has nothing to do with ballet OR barre exercise) came across a Bollywood dance fitness video. Sweet goodness. I should absolutely embrace my heritage and get on that. I'm hoping there might be others out there that are more intense, but I may have to suck it up and buy one if I  find myself liking and actually doing this workout. I'm intrigued to see what Li'l G picks up from it. Screw in the lightbulb and get one from the basket...screw in the lightbulb and get one from the basket..

2) My deep reflection on Da Funk and how to work through it came too late at the Casa, sadly. I hit a breaking point yesterday displayed in my finest hysterics. The Hubs is a lucky man to see all those fine moves and expressions. I suppose there is nowhere to go but up, right?

3) Critics of Pope Francis: Here is how I feel about all the "fallout." I've enlisted some literary help to make clear my position. Come on, you know Caroline Bingley would be making snide remarks at every party.

4) Oh, and then there is this.

5) One of the best articles I've read on the Francis Fake-Fiasco.

6) And part two of that series, which has this nugget: "We have labored for over forty years under a false dichotomy of social justice and the corporal works of mercy." YES! YES! YES! I have a post in progress with that very idea...well, a similar idea at any rate. If it were the same I'd just can it.

7) My baby turns three this month. When did that happen? I was writing out invitations (yes, I actually did mail out some real invitations) and had to keep double checking that she was, in fact, turning three and not two. Seriously. How is she already three? By the by, these invitations are pretty fantastically super duper easy and inexpensive. $1 bin at Michael's for 6-packs of monogrammed chevron cards in perfectly little girl colors + invitation stamp + ink I already had = personalized invites for $10. Voila! Now to get on her three year old photoshoot. This girl is not the most willing model so this should be interesting...

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