Friday, November 8, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Where Sass-Parilla May Be My New Drink of Choice

Joining up with Jennifer at Conversion Diary again this week for a slightly sass-filled seven quick takes.

1) The Death of Common Sense: While I can't sit here and name every violation of common sense that occurs on a daily, nay ongoing, basis, I can definitely say that I believe it to be a supernatural gift now, and perhaps it should be referred to henceforth as "uncommon" sense. One example: I sent a text to someone at some point in the early afternoon regarding a question they had asked me. They have repeatedly mentioned that their phone is not working properly, so I followed up with an email, which I know they received. Apparently, my text did not arrive on their end until which time they proceeded to text me back to say they got my text. At midnight. 12:00 AM. When all critters, children and husbands were snoozily snoring away in their was I. For future reference, unless it is a dire emergency, you will not receive a message initiated by me after 9pm or before 8-9 am (depending on your circumstance). Let me rephrase - if it is an emergency, I will call.

2) When Victims Become Bullies: I am curious to know when "free speech" morphed into "free speech for what I believe but if you say you don't agree with me or my choices you are a big old meanie-pants and I'm going to tell on you." I'm not pointing fingers at any particular side, necessarily, though from my vantage point, the liberals aren't so much liberal in range of thought as they are indoctrinated in certain beliefs apart from which no kind, thoughtful person could possibly exist. Yes, there are those on the left who certainly behave this way as well. What happened to "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it?" My issue is this with those who feel victimized and then begin to espouse these behaviors - shouldn't our suffering make us more compassionate? Shouldn't our suffering lead us to show empathy and extend mercy and grace to one another? Sadly too often the victims become the bullies to regain a sense of control, when I have simply succumbed to the notion clear to me that there is very little I have control over other than my emotions and reaction. I am quite clearly not in charge in these parts.

3) Pope Francis and the Man With Boils: This image has gone viral, with attention from quite secular sources as well. I know some people take issue with the viral-ity of the whole thing (cough cough Mary cough cough), and I can understand why. It speaks well of your heart that you take issue with the novelty of the moment. My heart isn't so well, and I am challenged to love those who may be difficult to look upon for whatever reason (not necessarily physical). For me, this is a reminder that what appears to be unwell on the surface never negates what longs for wholeness on the inside. That the world looks upon this moment and sees the tender mercy of Christ is a moment that can go as viral as it wants. It speaks of the wellness (or lack thereof) of the hearts of the world, and its great need for more of this kind of witness until we are at the same point you are, where we look on this man with the eyes of Christ and not our own squeamishness.

4) Natural Foods vs. "Regular Food": If I were to really make this quick, this would be it - shouldn't ALL food be natural?? Backstory - as I'm beginning to become more conscious of what we are eating, I'm finding out more and more about the economic shenanigans of the food industry. Why do major brands have "regular" products and then "natural" products at a higher cost? If you admit that the other product is not natural, shouldn't you just stop making it and move to the natural variety all together? For that matter, does it really cost that much more to make these natural products, or do you make less of them and then create a perceived higher value for them so you can charge more, thereby making it more difficult for financially struggling families to eat well? It is just one big conspiracy? No, I don't want to watch any documentaries. I just want to be able to eat real food without being pumped with antibiotics, hormones and unnecessary chemicals. I want discount retailers not to use suspect brands. Did you really just switch your chicken to Perdue, Costco? Even after all the outbreaks and quality issues they have had? Even medications are not exempt from this ridiculousness- why do my pills need to have food coloring? Will my Motrin not work without the bright orange color that bleeds when it is wet? It is so frustrating to try to figure out how to find quality, real foods that won't break the bank.

5) Hallie shared her current favorite Audrey Assad tune in her Five Favorites this week. I'm in love with the whole CD (If I had to pick a favorite right now it would be Good to Me, though that might change as the next track comes on). The track she shared, I Shall Not Want, I am listening to this very second and it hits me. It is my prayer from last weekend set to music. I wrote about my experience in Adoration, about how we say the Lord is My Shepherd, I shall not want...and yet we want. We want a lot. I'm just now letting the lyrics into my soul instead of using the music as a lullaby for the kids. My bad.

6) This might be my favorite Facebook post I made this week:
While I like my new slippers a lot, I find that when transferring an already sleeping child to his crib, I prefer to be barefoot. When I am barefoot and in leggings, it is like I am choreographing a delicate ninja ballet. Add to that picking up toys which ends up being repeated pliƩs in first, fifth and sixth position as I "bend at the knees" and motherhood becomes a carefully orchestrated dance quite literally.
That's right, I am a ninja ballerina. Beware.

7) There are a thousand other things that run through my head all week that make me think, "Oh! I should jot that down for a really quick take!" and then I forget. Aren't you lucky? I'll leave you with this last thought: Christmas music should not be played until after Thanksgiving at the earliest. Don't you even think of calling me a Grinch! Every season gets its turn, except the season of thanks. At the 4th of July, Halloween things are out (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration). By October, Thanksgiving things are out for a split second before we are onto Christmas. Can we please just savor the moment? I know Christmas is exciting, but today can be too! I want to spend my November in reflections of thankfulness without losing an entire radio station to Christmas songs. Let's not even start on "Advent, the Invisible Season." Hmm, that might just be a whole post on its own, especially since I've been asked to give a reflection on Advent at a Ladies' Tea. Savor the me savor the moment so when we get to Advent, we can rest in that season, so when we get to Christmas we can be exuberant and not worn out. Please? Pretty please?

See? Sass-parila. That's what I be drinking in these parts. To your health!

PS - Now I'm onto the track, Spirit of the Living God, and it is now my favorite.

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  1. l love the "ninja ballerina" image. It's been so long since I last took ballet lessons that I don't remember anymore which position is which, but I can feel the grace of the movements in my memory while reading your blog.