Wednesday, February 5, 2014

F2W2 {vol. 2}: Love, Snow & Classic Beauty

It's another week of the Five Faves/Worship Wednesday mashup, so hang we go!

Worship Wednesday
How He Loves Me, David Crowder Band

Leaving the deeply comforting notion of the depth of God's love for us aside, I love the poetry of the lyrics - "He is jealous for me, Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy..." Maybe it is just me, but I envision this beautiful lone tree in the middle of a meadow, isolated, branches bare, and God's love pouring out over it with a mighty wind, bringing the limbs to life in a graceful dance that only He can see and inspire. I hope it's not just me... Enjoy and let God's love wash over you!

Snowdrift Vanilla Porter

Yum. I don't usually like darker beers - I'll confess. I'm a girly beer drinker these days. However, I am really digging the slightly heavier, bitter flavor of the porter softened by the very slight hint of vanilla. It's a good hearty (but not chest hair growing) beer for a cold, snowy winter day. I'd better stock up given this weather we are having!

Mantle curtain rod & curtain clips combo.

Best.Pinterest.Find.Ever. The initial investment was about $20, but now I can decorate for the seasons so very simply. Dollar Store hearts + silver Sharpie already in my arsenal = $1. I'd say the initial investment is well worth it.

ModCloth Window Shopping

I suppose it is more like "Windows7" shopping, but I do love the styles they have available. It is definitely beyond my budget sans special event requiring a new dress (which there are seldom any of around here), but I do so love gazing and knowing the classics are still in style.


Thank you, dear sweet baby Jesus, for men who speak out and bring some sanity back into the art of romance. If you're as opposed to this growing trend of boudoir photography as I am*, read and nod along. Thanks again to Verily for championing the dignity of woman (and man) and healthy, romantic, and sacred marriages. Beautiful!  

*Trends like this, I believe, only further the objectification of the human person and encouraging any man to view a woman as a sexual object only increases the inclination to view them as a means to an end (sexual gratification). That process has major implications within society, as well as for the health of a relationship. Stepping off the soapbox now before I slip.

Volume 2 complete. Hope all the northerners are digging out of the piles of snow - see #2 for a frosty beverage suggestion. Stay thirsty warm, my friends, stay warm, and go visit Hallie over at Moxie Wife for more of our favorite things this week!

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  1. Ahh… my husband and I have cut wheat out of our diets and what I miss most is the Beer! I love Lienenkugels (though I've never had the vanilla porter!--- it sounds like the perfect beer to curl up with on a cold day!!)

  2. I *love* that song and honestly get a little teary eyed every time I hear it. It's so beautiful!