Wednesday, February 26, 2014

F2W2 {vol. 5}: Love, Imagination & Hooked

I'm back with another week of the Moxie Wife Five Favorites / Worship Wednesday Mashup, today with the added bonus of linking up to Conversion Diary's 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge. Who's ready to see a few of my favorite things? (Speaking of which, did anyone else see that the last remaining member of the actual VonTrapp family died recently? Her name was Maria, but she was portrayed as Louisa in the musical. Talk about confusing!)

Worship Wednesday
Indescribable by Chris Tomlin

My very favorite part? These lyrics:
Incomparable, unchangeable
You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same
You are amazing God

Isn't that a great fear for so many of us - that people will see all the mess that lies deep in our hearts and decide we aren't worth their time, their love, their kindness? God sees, God knows, and He - the most perfect of all perfection - He loves us the same with or without that "stuff." Amazing!


When Li'l G was born, a friend told me about this program. Designed to bring books to families who don't always have access to the best libraries or those who cannot perhaps afford to bring children's literature into their homes, Dolly Parton started this organization to give access to the stories that light up a child's imagination and encourage reading and literacy. It has expanded now and I believe is partnered with the United Way, and is available to a wide range of families (like ours). I was cleaning Li'l G's room today and while organizing her books, I realized just how many books she and the boy have received, and how many of those books are ones she loves to read. There are the classics, new stories I've never heard, paperback, hardback, simple to more involved plots - such a wide variety. (She has commandeered the boy's books for now too, since for the longest time he was more interested in eating the written word.) I'm so glad we ended up signing up for the program. It introduces us to authors and stories we may never have heard of otherwise! And, of course, reading is FUNdamental! (Who remembers that? Anyone?)

Once Upon a Time

I'm hooked. A friend recommended it ages ago, and I hemmed and hawed. I thought, "no way we'd find a fairy tale show engaging...or one that the Hubs would watch too." Wrong. Wrong. WRONG! I'm one episode shy of finishing the second season on Netflix, and bummed that season three on only has the last five episodes. Not sure where to get the first part of the season (for free). The Hubs has watched it with me (and I think he is just as intrigued), though he claims it is a prime time fantasy soap-opera. I respectfully disagree. I am fascinated by the creativity of the backstories, the complexity of how the characters ended up as they did, the interweaving of different stories. Sure - they have taken great artistic liberties with the stories we grew up with, but so did Disney!

3M Command Hooks
These are worth gold in this house. I use them for everything! Hanging photos? Check! Hanging baskets? Check! Hanging decorations? Check! Hats? Check! Purses? Check! Worth more than their weight in gold, I tell you. Now they have such a wide variety in all kinds of colors too. Clear, metallic-colored, actual metal, neon colors, kids characters, animals - I may never pound a nail again! (That is false, but you sense my enthusiasm, no?)

Bible App for Kids

The Hubs showed me this app this morning. It's really cute and introduces children to the basics of the Bible through stories, games and interactive play. Best of all? Free. Good quality and free. Come now, Catholic techies - rise to the challenge, will you? Or how about a Saints App for kids that doesn't cost me a pretty penny (or an ugly one at that)? Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar and gumdrops on top until Lent? (Is there one out there and I just don't know about it? Please do tell!)

This concludes another weekly mashup at the 'Diaries! Head over to Moxie Wife for other faves (so glad their whole fam is feeling better!). Check back next week for more...or tomorrow for the next installment of the 7 Posts in 7 Days Challenge hosted by Conversion Diary.

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