Friday, March 21, 2014

SQT: True Confessions, Moms and Daughters, & Artful Words

After taking last week off, it is good to be back posting a quickity quick takes. I mentioned earlier in the week that I am trying to be more intentional about ordering my time and activities correctly, so writing is taking a bit of a back seat. What I didn't expect is that by taking a little break and slowing the pace, I actually enjoy the times I do write and it is more energizing and more fulfilling . . . and I feel like I am better connected to what the Spirit is leading me to say instead of straining to get words on a page from my own mind, which these days is feeble at best. I always assumed that an activity that was energizing for you would always be energizing. Who knew Ecclesiastes was spot on with that whole "a time for all things" bit? So there is confession one: I actually write better when I write less often. Here's a few more random True Confessions of the neither rich, nor famous, mixed in with some other what-we're-up-to factoids that you aren't dying to know.

True confession: I hate talking on the phone for long periods of time. My teenage self would be getting ready to backhand me for such utter nonsense, but it is true. It may be that I am now surrounded by so much noise, I really have no desire to add to it voluntarily on the phone. A quick text or an email and I'm content. It's a failing, I know. If you are one of the people I don't call regularly enough, or I owe you a call, my apologies. The art of conversation after all is an art, but it is one that I find taxing at this time in my life. Again, teenage me says "whaaaat???" I'm going to get better. Really. Right after I join the gym.

Another true/odd confession: I cannot stand it when the toilet lid is left up. No, not the seat, the lid. With potty training in full force, we now have to keep the lid up and it makes my skin crawl. I loathe it, perhaps as much as Jennifer loathes those scorpions. The sacrifices we make for our children . . . 

Last true confession: I was sharing my long and tired conversion story with someone the other day, and let's just say there is some alcohol involved (in the story, not in the telling of it). I came to realize that my partying college self would be shaking her head at the lightweight I have become. It's one drink for me . . . two at the MAX . . . and I'm done, or I feel horrible. I get fuzzy and not in the "oooh, warm fuzzies" kind of way. This I do not like. College me is definitely giving me a dirty look. Listen kid, you'll understand one day. You won't be able to live on McDonald's and not gain weight anymore either. Things change. It's you. It's all you. Deep thoughts, huh? For deeper thoughts about why my faith is important to me, check out this post from earlier in the week. For now it's just a brief why - I'm working on a condensed story of the how the Hindu kid became devoutly Catholic. It's the condensed part that's tough. Move along, now...

No more confessions - just a happy dance! My mom has nearly sold her house. It's not final yet, but it is a breath away from final. Prayers that her inspection, assessment and all else go well are much appreciated! She's moving here . . . at least I assume she is moving here. I guess I should confirm that she hasn't made plans to relocate somewhere more exotic and warm. Here's the crazy - she has to be out of her house by April 30 if all goes through. That's a month...ok, I know - a month and ten days. IT'S A MONTH PEOPLE! WE HAVE THINGS TO DO! Like the super Type A daughter I am, I immediately booked her a flight here for next week to look at houses, sent the realtor a few properties to get things started and filled out her pre-approval questionnaire in a matter of hours. We are making this happen. And by that, I mean we are trusting God to provide as He always does. GO TEAM!

Speaking of having things to do, who knew we needed to get the ball rolling for pre-school in the spring? Oh, apparently everyone but me. This week has been intense! While I got the call from mom yesterday, the two previous days were spent calling and meeting with prospective pre-schools for our Li'l G. We still haven't made any final plans for the fall what with the Hubs and I not having a time we can go together to meet with the Assistant Principal sans kids in tow at the school we'd like to send her to in the fall. {How do you like them run-on sentences?}

We did, however, go visit her old childcare center which also has a preschool, and it looks like she will be starting there as soon as I get the paperwork done. She thinks she already rules the school. She walked in, sat right down and started building with the blocks, then found paper and crayons unattended and proceeded to color in some unsuspecting 3 year old's book. Watch out world, here she comes!

Since I've slowed down the writing a bit, I'm taking a little more time in exploring some other outlets of creativity. As I reflect on what I feel God is doing with all the creative work, what He wants to accomplish through that time and energy spent, I continue to come back to the mission of the blog. Love selflessly; serve joyfully; live boldly. To do all this, we have to know Love Himself. In my own journey, I have found that more time to contemplate His face in the Word, even if only a small segment of it, along with the wisdom of the saints, draws me closer into the heart of Christ. It reveals to me the wisdom of a happy life, of walking in friendship in Christ, of ordering my time and my life well. If you follow the 'Diaries on Facebook, you will notice that I have started to add a couple new features as close to daily as I can. One is Scripture and/or wisdom from the Saints incorporated with art/photography. The other is a NightCap with wisdom from the Office of Readings. I hope you'll stop by and take a look. Some of the images might appear on Instagram as well, but only if the images are mine or part of the Creative Commons. 

To that end, I am also contemplating opening a shop {venue as of yet undetermined - may be Etsy, may be Smugmug} with inspirational art and such. Would small prints of the types of images I am creating be something of interest to people {read: you}? I've also been collecting some things to turn into inspirational art to possibly sell. I'd have some samples for you, but well, it's been a busy week {see 4 & 5}. 

What say ye? Something you'd consider buying or at least looking at? Selling mechanisms you would recommend that take care of all the tax-ey legalities? Type A worrier kicking in there, sorry. 

That's a quick glimpse of the happenings from my end of the Casa. It's been a busy week - be thankful this didn't turn into a 7 x 7 takes, what with Fred Phelps dying, a missing plane, more Once Upon a Time goodness, Harry Connick, Jr. on American Idol, St. Patrick's Day, St. Joseph's Feast, and what appears to be the beginning of spring . . . consider yourselves molto fortunate!

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  1. i really enjoyed your Quick Takes and was laughing at your phone confession. I am the same way. Friends will get a text or email from me long before they get a call! ;-)