Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Five Favorites: Glitter, Glam, & The Holy Family

It has been a long, long while since I've been tickling the electronic not-so-ivories for a five favorites post. Since we have been soaking in all of our short summer vacation, I haven't really been in search of or just stumbled across anything worth mentioning. Now that we've had a whole summer worth of bumming around, I've collected enough new favorites to join in the fun again!

Sally Hansen Orange Glitter Nailpolish
Target Clearance

I'm not usually a fan of nailpolish on my hands, but it's summer vacation so I threw all caution to the wind! Plus it was on clearance so if I hated it, I wasn't out a five or ten spot. I love it. It's just the right blend of semi-sheer color with complementary sparkle. Almost looks gold, but it is orange with iridescent glitter. Very fun for vacation, though not the most durable for extended wear - the tips started to fade pretty quickly with all the activity. Still love it for a fun change of pace!

Purple Sequin Kicks
Meijer Clearance

$10! I just couldn't say no - I JUST COULDN'T! They're an off brand, but really quite comfortable. Brainiac me wore them out of the box on our first day of vacation where we walked around town for a couple hours. The only thing that was uncomfortable was the friction on the back end of the shoe, and that's my fault entirely for not breaking them in first and wearing higher socks. Other than that, they are really comfortable to walk in, so that was another clearance win!

Antique/Vintage "Turquoise" Earrings
from mom's jewelry box

These have been sitting around our jewelry boxes for decades, just waiting for someone to wear them. I went through my "I don't wear garish jewelry, mom," phase and swore them off, but she left them with me a few years ago, and I've been eyeing them ever since. Now that I'm quite comfortable with "louder" accessories, they don't seem garish at all. I paired them today with the orange dress mentioned below and a jean jacket.

Contemporary Icons 

We put up an icon wall in our home, and it's been at a standstill since a few months ago. Clearly we cannot keep getting icons ad infinitum, but it still looks like we need a little more variety up there to fill up the space (as was intended when I designed it!). When we were at Baker Books in Grand Rapids, a friend of the Hubs who works there was giving us a tour of their Catholic section and while the Hubs was perusing all the Bible aids and books, mama's eyes went directly to this and the rest of the artwork they had. Teresa Kogut is a Michigan based folk artist, and the pieces they had were ah-mazing. I'm forever looking for pieces that stray from the traditional icons as we build this space, and her work fits the bill and is beyond affordable.

Crochet & Knit Maxi Dress
from Target

I love the little detail of the crochet on this dress. It actually hits high enough on the neckline that, while a tank or cami would make me more comfortable, it's not entirely necessary. The back is a slight racer-back, though, so an appropriate bra would be called for if you don't want to cover with a jacket/sweater and don't want straps showing. I covered with a jean jacket for our family photos today and think it worked well. We will see when the proofs come in, of course!!

Find yourself some more gotta-have-'em favorites as well as some warm wit 'n' wisdom over at Hallie's!

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  1. Love those icons! Definitely adding them to the list :)

  2. That icon is gorgeous!!
    We're still very new to icon buying. We joined the Church this Easter and were gifted a Mary statue by the girls' godparents and just this past Sunday bought our first family crucifix. But, it's the icons like you posted that I am very much drawn to. I'll have to check that lady's work out! Thanks for sharing!!!