Friday, September 5, 2014

Birthdays, Dreams, Giveaways, First Days, and Raising the White Flag ofDefeat

Taking a quick hot second to stop in and let inquiring minds know what's been going on in these here parts...

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Yeah, the Googs knows it's my birthday and sent me a doodle. 

I'm calling this my mountaintop year. If 40 is over the hill, then presumably, at 39 I'm at the peak, right? Does that mean I'll be on top of things this year? No? Drat.

So far, this was my favorite birthday message from a friend via Facebook. The Big Apple is too far, dear friend. More fun, perhaps, but too far.

I've been meaning to do a "40 Before 40" post, dreaming about all the things I'd like to do before I turn the big 4-0 next year, but as I considered some of the fun things, I realized I should have started a few years ago. So instead, my 40 Before 40 will include many of the things I have already been privileged to do, as well as some things I look forward to accomplishing and mastering by this time next year.

I've been trying to be bolder with God about dreaming big dreams, so I am waiting with a bit of trepidation to see where that leads, and it seems it is leading me somewhere new, and not where I first thought I wanted to go. Lots of butterflies, lots of doubt...but definitely an endeavor that energizes and excites me even through that other voice that tells me I ain't no good. {Psst. It's art. In the back of my head, I hear the voice of an old art teacher who is frustrated with me because I can't quite get the hang of the style he is teaching. You know that was when I stopped? I never really drew or painted again - just figured I was no good at it. Sure, I'm no Monet. But I am finding that creating makes me feel more alive than much has in a long time. The Hubs will testify that I get lost in it - time stands still (for me, not for him wrangling two toddlers). I know I have a lot to learn, but I feel like I've had some opportunities pop up and connections be made recently that all confirm this is something I should be doing. Will it lead to anything big? Maybe not, but who says it has to be big to be worth it?

Speaking of art, I'm doing monthly giveaways at the shop. This month's giveaway is a quote from Blessed Teresa of Calcutta whose feast day just happens to be my birthday. Mere coincidence?

Just comment here, on Facebook, or on Instagram and name/tag someone who makes you smile to enter! A winner will be drawn at random on Sunday at noon.

All right. Enough about all that jazz. THIS was far more monumental than anything else. Anything.

And now I'm going to go crawl into a hole and disappear for a bit. Maybe not, but I wouldn't mind. With all the depravity and evil running rampant on the nightly news, it's enough to start making me a little crazy. Hey, I know - God wins. Christ has the victory at the end. We're not there yet, though, and there sure are a lot of really evil people wreaking havoc on the world, and a whole lot of heads buried in the sand for the purpose of political correctness. Between ISIS/ISIL, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, random violence, and friends/family suffering, I'm pretty much on overload. I don't want to see another beheading. I cannot read one more story about a child dying. I am having nightmares. Seriously. I really just can't take any more, so I visualize myself wrapping all these things in a beautiful little box, handing it to Jesus, and saying, "You win! It's all yours!"

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  1. Blessed Teresa is my patron saint!!! Her feast day creeped up on me and a friend had to remind me.

    Happy birthday to you! Enjoy your day! And, with the samples of your art that you've shared here and on Instagram, I am so thankful that you are seeking to do more with your gift! They're beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday, Rahki! Pray your day was filled with His Love, Joy, and Goodness! So fun! Loving your art and that it's taking you somewhere. It's a beautiful thing when He shares a good peace with us while on our little endeavors! Prayers for where He continues to take you! :)