Friday, January 30, 2015

SQT: The One About Adoration for Babies, The Superbowl, Intercessory Prayer, Mugs, and Lenten Loving

Hallelujah, it is Friday, and I'm in love! Well, as soon as this headache goes away, I'm in love.

It's Superbowl weekend. I almost forgot. To me, it is Mary's Mantle Adoration Kickoff weekend. We are so humbled to be able to move to a new, stunningly beautiful location this spring, and are kicking it off with perpetual adoration from February 1 - 4. If you are local and want to know more, email me or leave a comment, and I will hook you up with the details.

I may or may not have broken a frame whilst hanging up
the photo wall of babies who have been born in residence.

As for the Superbowl, I've got no skin in the game. I mean, I grew up in Iowa and now live in Detroit - I will likely NEVER have skin in the game. A friend from high school is a big shot over at Budweiser in PR & Marketing, though, so she's got skin in the game...the commercial game. I think they're aiming for a tearjerker again this year!

Last Superbowl related take, promise. My cousin-in-law posted this earlier on Facebook, and it always brings to mind the utter disparity that exists. Cheering, money-throwing, rowdy fans versus those with nowhere to lay their heads...or in this case, very limited means to feed their family.

I witnessed a man get arrested for shoplifting a gallon of milk and a bag of bread this morning while making my morning run for Starbucks.As he was being led away from his car, that was missing the back window, he pleaded with the security guard to allow him to get his young son out of the car. The guard allowed him to get his child. I offered to pay for the bread and milk but it was against store policy. I get that the man was wrong and should have sought help but how desperate he must have felt to steal milk and bread from the local grocery store. With the Superbowl and Phoenix Open in town and the great wealth associated with the two events, I paused, and hope you also pause and remember all those who lack the basic necessities of life. Pay it forward today.
He admits, as do I, that there are places this man could go for help. That doesn't negate the fact that he needs help to feed his family. I do so wish stores wouldn't have such black and white policies on generosity in the face of bad decisions. The man wasn't lifting an Xbox - he needed a breadbox. Why not let my cousin pick up the tab and let the man be on his way with a warning instead wasting time, money, and energy prosecuting him? Jail won't fix his problem. Generosity may have. I won't even get started on the whole shipping out the homeless when the Superbowl is in town rant... You can thank me later.

There is a new feature up now at The Pitter Patter Diaries. Sunday is our family rosary night. Every week for the past year, we have been offering our rosary for prayer requests that you have sent us via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, there is a spot on the right sidebar where you can submit your prayer requests at any time. We will, of course, offer prayer immediately, but these requests will then also be offered during our Sunday Family Rosary. I've written before that I started soliciting prayer requests on Facebook as a whim. It is so humbling to see how this has become a family ministry of intercessory prayer, and the truly intimate prayers that people have entrusted to us. It is equally humbling to watch how the Lord answers in His own way and His own time.  The lesson here is truly that the Lord uses us as He chooses, not how we always dream to be used, and not always in ways we feel well equipped to be used. I suppose that is where His glory shines brightest, isn't it? 

I posted this mug on Instagram for Blessed Is She's #ProjectBlessed yesterday and got a phenomenal response. It is now sold, but I think this quote will become a standard store item!

I saw this on Facebook today, and while I too love my mug design, this wins all the mugs. Do you think this fits the "bringing light to the darkness" mission for my store? Laughter is light, right? I'm thinking this might have to hit the virtual shelf in the shop soon as well.

February is right around the corner! It's love month...and also the start of the Lenten season. I think perhaps this year there will be a little L&L (Love & Lent) going on around here in very strange ways as I continue my Project Empty. In the Love Department, look for musings on how we can grow in love and do it better over the next several weeks...and maybe a little giveaway from the Etsy shop.

As for Lent, I am all ears for ideas to fast, pray, and give. Currently, I am thinking of adopting the Whole 30 for Lent and turning it into a Whole 40. There will be more on that if the Hubs agrees (because I cannot do a food journey alone) in a new Project Empty post next week. I think Lent will be about simplifying and going a little gangbusters with Project Empty around here. More of Him, less of me...and my stuff! Have you thought about how you're going to fast, pray, and give this Lent? I'd love to hear what you're thinking!

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