Friday, February 6, 2015

SQT: The Quiet Hush of Naptime in a Wintery World Full of Babies (and Books)

These may be might short this week, because mama is a little worn down. Between tantrums, and tantrums, and sick children, we will see what kind of sentences I can string together today...

Is there a sweeter sound that the quiet hush of naptime, when all the little critters in the house are still and all your can hear is their quiet ever so gently... I dare not write too much about it lest it damage the force.

For a short moment this morning, I thought perhaps I was going to have to dig into my marital-Irish background to make my coffee. I restrained myself. Truly, I did. Why, you ask, would I be tempted? Let's just say I was awoken by the sounds of a rather disgruntled young family member who was more than a little distraught that daddy was not home. "I MIIIIIISSSSSS HIIIIIIIIIIM SOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHH!" No, no drama here. Move along.

We had two snow days this week. This was great for family bonding, but not great for cabin fever. Unfortunately, the temps were just a little too low for me to take the kidlets outside. I know, other mamas brave it, but not this shrimpo wimpo here. Too cold when they have colds. So while others were being dragged in THE coolest sled I've seen for a wee one, we bunkered down and had a family movie day toddler style. (AKA cartoons)

In other news, I think everyone I know is having babies. Yes, that is an exaggeration. Honestly, though, two friends have had twins this week, five other friends have had babies in the past couple of months, and yet at least another seven are expecting some time this year. It may be more and I may have lost count right now. Babies are everywhere, and it kind of makes me feel this weird pressure to start having all.the.babies even though I'm not sure that is God's plan for us and I know babymaking isn't an Olympic sport even for us Catholics.

I am sometimes a little slow, and it took me until very recently to realize that most of the beautiful mamas who are having their 6th+ child did not begin having children in their mid-late 30s. I really shouldn't be comparing myself at all, but if I did, I should take into consideration where these mamas of large families were when they got to be my age. Most I know were already on child 4+. Grants my crazy mind a lot of needed perspective until the rest of me catches up to the "it is not a competition" / "you only need to do what God expects of you, not everyone else" tracks on the record.

One effect of all.the.babies being born lately is that it leads people to ask us if we are planning on / trying to have more children. We have our stock answer, which is that we are open to God's designs, but it is an awkward question altogether. What exactly are you asking me? Are we having sex? Are we abstaining? Are we seeking fertility help? Are we on birth control? What exactly is it that you are asking when you ask if people are trying to have children? Are the children I have not enough? Do you suspect we are being selfish? What do you want from me people?!?

I might have responded to one such inquiry with an astounded "Are you asking me if/how often my husband and I are having sex?!?" That took care of that. I suppose I just think that the only people involved in that question should be the two that are involved in ye olde babymaking. Call me old fashioned.

I realize now that I have neglected to brag on my baby. Our Li'l G, who is not so little anymore, can read. Full blown reading books. Yes, preschool-ish books, but whole, multiple page, books! She read me her bedtime story the other night. She devours the written word. If there are letters to be seen, she will be reading them...even when they don't make sense because it is a product code or something of the like. Her bibliophile parents couldn't be prouder, and I cannot wait to introduce her to some of my favorite books as a kid. Amelia Bedelia, Encyclopedia Brown, Little House, Hardy Boys...good times, my friends, good times. I will have to ask her what her favorite books are right now, but a few that rate up there are Harold and the Purple Crayon, Molly Lou Melon, and LarryBoy and the Bubblegum Bandit. Plus Dr. Seuss. And Five Little Monkeys.

Oh blast it. She has no favorites - whatever she can read, she loves! What were your favorite books as a little kid?

Last but not least, the blog has been a little slow as of late, and I am sorry for that. I've had several posts to work on, but life/motivation has simply gotten in the way. There are more Project Empty, From Holy Cow to Holy Spirit, and other random posts coming. I promise. I'll leave you with a link to the only other post from this week because I feel so strongly it is a message God wants to be blasted from the rooftops. You are precious to God.

I think that is about it from these parts. Mama is tired and needs more coffee...and is going to revel in the current silence...

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  1. Is there anything more exciting than having a reader? I'm the same way - I can't wait for my chickie to be able to read those awesome childhood books on her own!

    1. It's crazy to watch it all just happen. I mean, yes, we read with her, and worked on letters and reading, but then just one day... BOOM. There it is. And it is nothing I did - she did this. Amazing. :)