Friday, March 27, 2015

{SQT} The One About Spring Snow, Guana Crazy, Lent & Prayers, and Artsy Matters

In case you missed it on Instagram, this was an accurate representation of my late morning:

I kid about the indulging, but not about the sentiment that got me there. Someone please tell my children that when mommy is [enter adult task here], it is not a sign to go all guana-crazy. Thanks much! In hindsight, I feel a little user's remorse about all the Emoji. A very little.

Gianna excitedly: "It's SNOWING!!" {Excitement fades to puzzled look.} "Mama, is it not spring anymore?"

Out of the mouths of babes. Spring, seriously get your act together!

Moving the conversation onto more holy and hopeful ground, this followed the previous conversation a few hours later:

Gianna: "Look, mama, it's still snowing big flakes! It makes the ground all fresh again."

Well I suppose there is something to be said for there being flakes white as snow to prepare our hearts to be cleansed and freed at Easter. Well played, little one, well played.

(Spring, still get your act together. There are cute Easter dresses to be worn and a children's outdoor stations to be explored, not in that order. Thank you kindly.)

So how about that Lent, huh? Already heading into Holy Week and my Lenten mantle decorations are still sittin' pretty in this lovely bag. 

Good thing less is more for Lent! Time to drag out the Easter decorations soon enough. While I am annoyed at myself for not getting things purtied up, you know what? IT WASN'T THE END OF THE WORLD!! No one spread malicious gossip about how un-Catholic I was to not have our "mantle" decorated. Not one soul (that I know of ... feel free to 'fess up if I'm in the dark here). That said, I like to have the house more decorated for the seasons (especially liturgical), but as I continue down Project Empty, less is definitely more. I feel another house purge coming on. (No need to send the flood waters, though.)

New projects are afoot for the shop for the month of Mary (May). I'm hoping to have some sneak peeks ready in the next couple of weeks. It's a bit of a departure from what I've been doing, but mixes together the lettering with a homage to classic art. If I hate it, then this message will self-destruct in t-minus two weeks.

Speaking of the shop, there is still time to enter the love giveaway for the print below. Just leave a comment letting us know what gives you hope, and you are entered! If you want to rack up the entries, feel free to follow Rakstar Designs (the name of my artsy endeavors) on Facebook and Instagram, or tweet about the giveaway. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, March 31. 

If y'all could spare a prayer or two, I'll take 'em! We are heading into Holy Week, and I am fighting hard to keep my head and heart above water. There's a few battles going on that aren't blog-ready, but your prayers are surely welcome! Thanks a-mucho!

What my children look like when the BatSignal is not actively sending them into hysterics. More of this, please and thank you, Jesus!

And that is all I got for this week. Mama needs a nap and some more coffee...and to switch out the laundry. 

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