Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sketch-Along: Let's Get Digital, Digital

Because of these last night

which led to this much of the night

and this some of the night, because cats get scared too,

requiring this on repeat today

a longer post on deeper matters has been replaced by a quick Sketch-Along prompt.

Some folks have expressed a bit of trepidation with the actual "sketching" part of the "along" and I say to ye: Be not afraid! If you are still shy about trying freehand drawing and lettering, there is always the digital option!

By my obsession with Instagram, I know...I KNOW...there are some talented photographers out there. The heart of this Sketch-Along is sharing the joy of the Gospel, the joy of Christ, in artistic expression. Feel free to point and click and show us the joy of the Lord in an image. If you want to get fancy, hop onto PicMonkey and add some textures and lettering.

Kendra has some fun tutorials on her blog, or the PicMonkey blog itself has some great how-to videos.

Here's a quick look at how I came up with the image header for this post using Pic Monkey. I have no affiliation with them - I just appreciate how easy they have made it to edit and filter images!

The image on the left was the original photo I uploaded from my phone onto my computer. My first step was to crop the image a little bit to have the flowers in a slightly tighter frame. Next, I went to the "Effects" menu and added the Orton filter, which is one of my favorites.

I then applied a Bokeh filter, also found under "Effects." You will notice upon a closer look at this image that I used the "paint" feature.. You can use this to selectively apply a filter - I used it to take the effect off of the flowers themselves. 

As my final step before adding text to the image, I added a paper texture from the "Textures" menu. You may want to simplify your work or have a more pure image. This was where my creativity led me today.

The final step, of course, was to add text. I mixed a couple of fonts for emphasis. Here is the final image:

(For the image header in the post, I shifted the color balance a little to bring in the tones of my blog template.)

That's all there is, folks! Have fun whether you have pencil/pen/paint in hand, or are digitally creating your work. Share the joy of the Lord! (And if you want to take a look at my hand-lettering process, you can check out the last post in this series.)

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