Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Five Favorites: What We Did On Our Summer Vacation

This summer was my Summer of Empty. By this I mean that while past summers I spent a lot of time making lists of what I wanted our family to do, this summer was about being open to just enjoy one another and whatever came our way. Admittedly, a lot came our way. Between an unplanned surgery for me before summer kicked off, and a planned surgery for my mom, things were a little more hectic than I would have liked (aka planned).

The kids sure did have a fun summer though, and even with all the hospital visits, I'd like to say it was a great summer overall. Here are five things I thoroughly enjoyed over the past couple of months:

Watching the kids enjoy summer.

Because they will never be this young and gleeful again.

Finishing Up Some Home Projects

We have been talking about painting our door for a long time, so this summer I decided to git 'er done. Also needed - a more stable bedframe for our darling daughter. I found an old bedframe at a garage sale that was in great shape, but not so perfect that I'd feel guilty sanding it down and giving it a facelift. Now all we need to do is actually set it up, but I figured I'd let it rest a week so the paint fumes don't follow it to her room. 

Gals' Weekends

I suppose calling Edel a "Weekend Getaway" isn't quite doing it justice. It has borne so much fruit even in the short month since going. I am transformed, and I owe it to my sisters. Well, Jesus in the hearts of my sisters. It was expensive to be sure, but it was absolutely the investment I hoped it would be. 

Following up from this amazing weekend away, we held a local Blessed Is She brunch at the beginning of August. If you haven't checked them out, you really should. With daily devotionals on the Mass readings, regional Facebook groups, beautiful images to download as prints or device wallpaper, and women from every walk of life, this ministry has filled a gaping need. It just all continues to demonstrate just how desperately we are in need of more outlets for faith-filled sisterhood. More on that in the coming months. I think.

Our Mid-Week Getaway

The last couple of years we have taken a short vacation to Grand Rapids on the opposite side of the mitten. It's just the perfect little getaway. This year, we went sans kiddos, and we took time to just walk around by the river and visit the Ford Presidential Museum like the couple of nerds we are. It was swell. Then, of course, we got to meet Fr. (now Bishop-Elect) Barron. That was swell too.

Soaking in Some Nature

Because . . . pretty!

That's all for this Five Favorites edition here. To soak up some more faves, head over to Jenna's place!

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  1. Grand Rapids is SUCH a fun town!! And seeing Bishop Barron too!? Double whammy....and of course excited to see what happens next with our local BIS community:)