Friday, October 9, 2015

SQT: The One With Link-Tober, Maternal Insanity, Toddler Discoveries, and Young Theologians

I'm working through a little "all-day" sickness to pop in for a little Seven Quick Takes since it is Link-Tober after all, and I have some swag in one of the giveaway packages over at Kelly's place.

Our little sweet pea is now about the size of a blueberry. Too bad either of those make me want to gag right now. Whoever coined the term morning sickness was out of his mind. Let's go with "all-day" sickness. Also, someone please bring me one of those noodle packets with herb sauce or something. Sadly by the time it gets here, it, too, may make me retch. Lo siento and all that jazz.

I know you are all dying to know all the pregnancy crazy from these parts, right? I'm telling you - I have lost my mind. I am thankful to know I'm not alone in this, but I am pretty sure I've gone crazy. First rambling middle of the night thought: so...I'm 40... the chances of twins increases with age... what if I AM having twins, but one is ectopic and one is uterine?!? how will they save my babies?
Take two: Hmmm... I feel like I'm a little bigger this time around and pretty tender... sure, I know with each pregnancy that is a possibility... but I'm 40 and the chance of multiples increases ... what if I'm having all.the.babies and will be the next octomom?!? 

So there it is. Pregnancy at 40 in my head leads to insanity. Moving on...

The kids are excited to have a baby sibling, who they are certain is a girl. She shall be named Bubblegum. Or Elsa. If by chance they are wrong and it is a boy, Jude is fairly certain his name shall be Mickey. He already is referring to the baby as such. Jude also believes he has a baby bird in his belly. 

In non-gestating news, Amazon Handmade went live this week and I have a little shop there. It's got limited items for now as I am figuring it all out (still). But, I've spiffed up my logo . . . ok, let's be honest, the shop now has a completely new logo. You can find me on Amazon Handmade, Etsy, and if you are local, at the Guardian Angels Mom2Mom sale next Saturday (October 17). It will be my first vendor table! 

By the way, if you head over to Link-Tober at Kelly's, you can find my giveaway item as well as an Etsy discount code for the month of October!

Things I have wanted to write about, but just haven't had the energy to clickity clack on out over here: the aftermath of Pope Francis, if the world were more like Cheers, why I don't want to be an ostrich, more on motherhood and pregnancy, some thoughts on St. Paul, and more reflections. You can wait with baited breath. Ok, fine. Regular breath will do just swimmingly.

My sweet Gia got her first school award this week. She was named an Angel of the Month. This bright little girl, who lives in her head a tremendous amount of the time, was not entirely thrilled with the honor. At dinner, I asked why she was a little upset. Poor girl was having an existential crisis. "Mama, angels aren't HUMAN! If I'm an angel of the month, am I not human anymore?" Sigh. Perhaps a future theologian in the making. How many of her could fit on a pinhead do you think? 

The boy is now up from his nap, so we'll call this the Almost Seven Quick Takes. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

An example from earlier in the week of things
it takes the toddler less than 10 seconds to do.
Independent bathroom use vs. unrolled toilet paper.

For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain't The Lyceum! Win free stuff during Link-Tober!

PS - Kelly, if my tagging was done consistently (and let's face it, that may not be the case) it looks like this is Quick Takes Lucky No. 69!

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  1. I adore little kids trying to figure out pregnancy. They say the best things (unlike some adults!). Also - I feel like Gia and I are kindred souls with the angel award... That is totally something I would have done! To this day, I still feel this way when someone calls my two little boys "angels" - although I've learned to take it as the compliment it's meant to be. Ha!

  2. Also - I see your toilet paper, and raise you a box of emptied, half-used tissues. It took them less than 2 min!