Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God Bless Dr. Harvey Karp!

...and our fellow parents who recommended his book to me on a particularly trying night...Facebook posts rock sometimes! Yes, I did in fact order it at 3 AM and yes, the next night I did in fact download a "womb sounds" CD at midnight. I'm telling you - at some point, it's all about whatever works. Unfortunately, I think this opens the door for some to take advantage of sleep-deprived parents.

However, Dr. Karp isn't one of them, and his 5 S's have been a lifesaver (as has the womb sounds CD)! I've finally gotten my first night of nearly 4 hours of sleep (though it could have been more if I didn't freak out at every strange noise coming out of Li'l G!), and am hoping for more to come! Now if only the morning and afternoon nap were as "easy"...she falls asleep just fine - she just doesn't like to be put down! :-/

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