Saturday, November 13, 2010

3 Weeks later...

So, we're at week three now and clearly I haven't had much time for updates. Apparently little babies take a lot of time and attention, though I sometimes thinks our Li'l G takes a little extra...

We've had a hectic three weeks at home - Hubbers has been back at work and Li'l G and I have been trying to figure out routines with sleeping, eating and the like. There has been some progress, but for this control-freak planner, not as much as I would like!

Things we now know:
Li'l G is a GREAT eater...she can chug a bottle with the best of 'em. In fact, a friend and I were actually discussing the similarities between little babies and frat boys (not to be confused with fraternity men, of course), both of us having now some experience with both. In many ways, our college years should have prepared us for motherhood. However, we both realize that perhaps being in our 30s when taking on this task was not God's wisest plan...our 20s were much better suited to the late nights and cleaning up after bodily functions. However, God grants us what He will, and in our 30s we can just commiserate with one another and walk down memory lane of when we enjoyed being up at all hours of the night.

Li'l G needs things she doesn't always like at first. She hated being swaddled, but since returning to this sometimes daunting task with her, she sleeps much better. Friends have been a lifesaver with their recommendations of books and methods that have worked for them, including the Happiest Baby on Block and the use of the 5 S's to calm her.

Li'l G is not consistent. Though we are learning more each day, at the end of the day, things are sometimes hit and miss. Some days she likes naps, others she fights them. One moment she loves her swing, the next, she's screaming bloody murder. Again, for this control-freak, that can get a little harrowing on the nerves, but it's all part of the gig. I am learning to let go and to be "gentle with myself" as loved ones remind me.

Li'l G loves her daddy, who has been my true rock through the adjustment to motherhood. She loves hanging out with daddy on the couch on Saturday mornings and watching soccer and football (though we're still trying to negotiate if she's more of a Hawkeye or Spartan), and can't wait to see her daddy when he gets home from work. Unfortunately, the Hubbers has been a little under the weather, so we're just now starting to get back to a point where he can really hold her or do too much with her. No need to learn a new baby AND figure out what to do with her when she's sick! :)

Parenting makes you painfully aware of how selfish you really are. I can't count the number of times I've been frustrated at Li'l G during the day because I couldn't take a shower, or make a phone call, or sleep, or get some writing done or make dinner or clean the house, and the list goes on and on. Then of course I get upset with myself as I remember that my first role right now is to give her the love and care she needs and how could I possibly be worried about anything else. As much as she is high-maintenance right now, I know that this time will fly by, and in years to come I will miss the opportunity to just sit and hold her like she would like me to do now.

Looking back, these first three weeks have gone by quickly and yet dragged on at the same time. There are moments when I wonder how we'll make it through, and then take one look at that little girl and wonder how we'd make it by without her. She is truly a gift, even though my nerves sometimes would disagree with what my head and heart know. I'm still hoping for a little more "normalcy" in the week or two to come, but we'll see how hard God laughs at that one!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know I and stalking you on Facebook and just enjoyed reading your synopsis of the first 3 weeks. Very well written for someone who is not getting much sleep. Hang in there and keep the posts coming.