Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Approaching One Month in T-Minus 4 Days

...or 2 days depending on how you're counting. On Friday, it will be 4 weeks since Li'l G made her appearance out of the womb, but technically she'll be one month old on Sunday. Either way, we're approaching the one month mark quickly.

Li'l G is growing quickly and eating like a champ. She's been a little cranky, which we now think is because we haven't been feeding her quite enough. She'll be outgrowing her bottles sooner rather than later, I think! Today has been a very good napping/eating day, so maybe we are making some progress. Of course, check back tomorrow and it could be a whole different story! Though the occasional meltdowns still are a bit harrowing, Li'l G is cuter than ever...though I suppose I am a little bit biased. She is starting to smile more now, and if I could send video from my phone, I'd be tempted to include it here so you could all see. She loves her swing...except when we put her in it to a) let her sit while we get food ready, b) not hold her, c) eat meals ourselves...ok, so maybe she "likes" her swing right now. Either way, the swing has been a sanity-saver now that I've figured out when/how she likes to be in it most times. Thank you friends for an excellent shower gift!

Li'l G has had a few visitors over the last week or so too, and Hubbers and I are grateful for the good food many of them brought us. It's a good day when we don't have to worry about making dinner! Li'l G continues to be showered with love (and gifts), and mommy has appreciated the adult conversation and opportunities to shower during the day from time to time. Of course, now that we're starting to get into a better daytime nap rhythm, perhaps I can feel more comfortable letting her nap while I shower during the day a little more regularly. We'll work up to it.

In other news, tonight will be the first time we will be leaving Li'l G to go out - it's Uncle's birthday this weekend and the Hubbers and I are taking him out to dinner and a movie while Li'l G spends the evening with her Nonna. I wish I could say I'm the parent who is not at all nervous about leaving her and going out, but I have to hang my head low and say I'm part of the worried-mother-club. Now, my worries are minimal, and mostly have to do with keeping her fed and napped "on schedule." Regardless, I'm a little disappointed in myself for worrying how the evening will go. Nonna and Li'l G will be just fine...(maybe if I repeat while clicking my heels 3 times it will sink in for real)...


  1. Love reading your updates! Really makes me want to be there :( I can't wait to meet Lil' G!!

  2. We can't wait to see you either!! And, apparently I can't count days anymore. It was really T-minus FIVE days....