Friday, August 24, 2012


It's no secret that the Pinterest bug has hit me. Partially, I blame the App, since I can easily browse and pin one-handed while I am up at all hours feeding Boss Hog. Some may say I'm an addict - I deny that. Pinterest does of course have its dark side. With all that browsing and pinning, I tend to feel even less accomplished as a wife, mother and woman. I do not make all our cleansers, creams, soaps, etc. from scratch, nor do I spend all weekend prepping our freezer for meals for the month. I am not Martha Stewart, nor Polly Pinterest. Let's face it - I can't even keep the house clean, despite my Pinterest Chore Chart and cleaning tips!

This can certainly feed into the dark whispers that plague my mind and build up an image of who I want to be that is quite far a distance from who I am in reality. The battle there is really all mine (well, mine with the Lord). If it weren't Pinterest, it'd be Facebook...or Blogger...or the interwebs...or church...or a mommy group...or friends. You get my point. The careless whispers of darkness can attack no matter what arena I'm playing in, so why blame Pinterest? Of course, it is essential that I'm aware that too much pinning and not enough doing can provide a megaphone to amplify those whispers into more than white noise in the background.

That said, just as the dark whispers can work through anything, the living Spirit can find me there too. For instance, just the night after my last post where I thought some shred of sanity was lost for good, I came across the image and prayer below that a friend had pinned. As I don't believe in coincidence, I take it as confirmation that God knows my heart, and will help me through those times when I don't think there is any getting out of the valley and its shadows. God knows better. God is stronger. I am stronger with Him than I give myself credit for, though I won't really ever remember that until I'm smacked upside the head. I'm guessing the good Lord already knows that, though...

Lord, hear my prayer!

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  1. I am not a pinterester but I am a total FBer. I love your writing, your mind, your wisdom, and THIS PRAYER is stupendous. I need it framed. Thanks for exploring Pinterest on my behalf!!!!