Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nifty Thrifty {take two}

Here are my finds from a Saturday morning thrifting adventure. Still no white button up...or any other button ups, but some cute jackets and dresses!

I love the textures of the fabric on both of these pieces. The jacket is a brand new Talbots item that was thrifted. Excellent.

I love these pieces...and apparently so did the ladies I work with. The jacket is made in the land of my people, and I love the print and light quilting. The tank is perfect for summer and the lace detailing definitely won me over! 

These pieces may look familiar - I already wore them last Sunday! The dress, it appears, looks much better on than hanging, which is quite the opposite of how it usually goes.

This was my one truly vintage piece. I'm a big fan. Apparently I have a vintage body. :) It lacks lining and has a small rip in the seam, but that is nothing a slip and a sewing machine can't fix! (The dress, not the body!)

And that's that for the second edition of my nifty thrifting adventures!


  1. Seriously. where do you go thrifting?? I went recently and was just fond some great pieces! go lady, go!

  2. I'm sorry I'm just getting around to replying! I went to Regeneration in Pleasant Ridge (think Ferndale area), and Clawson. They are consignment, but I found them to be less expensive than the SalArm in Royal Oak...go figure!

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