Thursday, April 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes {4.19.13}

Grace is guest hosting again this week at Camp Patton for Jen who has taken her sweet baby boy home from NICU! Hooray! Prayers during this time of transition for their family and for continued health for them all.

This week, I'm going to try to make it really quick, because the kids are sleeping, so I should be too. Never mind that I mindlessly had some coffee just a few hours ago. Oh, what was I thinking?

I'm pretty sure Pope Francis is a fan of The Pitter Patter Diaries. No, seriously. Never mind that the Hubbers reminded me quietly that our new Holy Father is not fluent in English. That's what Google Translate is for, right? Why, you might ask, do I have such a crazy notion? I shall tell you! On the day I wrote "Overcome Evil With Good," what did Papa Francesco tweet? Oh, the same thing. And on the day I wrote about the voice of worthlessness coming from the devil, what does he speak about? You guessed it - the same thing! Now, you could say that perhaps the Holy Spirit is simply whispering the same song, or the occasions of late have perhaps brought familiar Scriptures to mind for more than just the two of us. Potato, potahto. I say Papa's a fan.

So happy spring weather has finally sprung. Do hope it doesn't decide to rain all through April. I'm not sure my allergies can withstand quite that many May flowers.

Have you checked out our About Us? I had a little fun with it and updated it. The Hubbers isn't thrilled with my rendition of the whole not-a-date recollection, but he is not surprised it is there.

Nap times are getting a little less stressful at Casa McCormick...unless you count Wednesday. So I should say, Tuesday naptime went swimmingly. Speaking of swimming, I cannot wait to sign the kids up for swim lessons. Swim gear bought for the littles, and I'm contemplating trying on a suit or two from my arsenal. Let's hope my arse isn't too big.

Speaking of big arses, Jenna had a guest post at Call Her Happy with a busy mom's workout I want to try. I still don't know what a burpee is, though. I guess it is time to check Google.

Casa McCormick is going to be undergoing some minor renovations in the coming months. Bathroom makeover, a sittable front porch (yes, I made up a word), small playscape in the backyard. These are exciting times! May the Hubbers' car not die.

Did I mention I won a contest on Facebook? If you remember a while back I had a post about a new film production company a dear friend of mine started. As part of their marketing, they invited women to submit pictures displaying confidence. Yours truly won one of the packages! No, it wasn't rigged - they used a random entry generator! I got to choose between a spa basket and a photography package. Initially it was a boudoir session that was offered, so yours truly said no, but then a mini mama session was thrown in the mix, and after hemming and hawing and saying no initially, I picked the photo session. I realized I have very few photos of me with the kids because I'm usually the one snapping away. Plus, if we pull it together soon, I've got a built in Father's Day gift! Pretend you didn't see that Hubbers... :)

And th-th-th-that's all folks!


  1. Delightful :). Yes, I'm sure Pope Frances is a fan! Why not?

  2. I love your About Us section... and I love the stories of you met! :) And the proposal... priceless. I love proposal stories! And of course Papa would be a fan... why wouldn't he!?

  3. Thanks, Melody! IKR?

    Thanks Jen! It's a journey filled with laughter for sure!