Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Boys, Bathrooms and a Bit O' Envy

It is Friday. Hooray!!!

1) Took the babe in (finally) for his well check. He's a whopping 22.2 pounds and 29 inches of goodness and love. WHAT.THE.HECK?? We aren't really huge people, the McCormicks. Our kids are going to be giants, me thinks. Time to find a couple more convertible carseats since (thank you congresspeople and associations) he now has to ride rear facing until he is 2. Let's hope his legs aren't as long as his sister's. While I love me some mom-to-mom sales, I'm not sure I'll find two I like that are not "expired" (what happens - do carseats go sour?) and user friendly (because I'm kind of not bright when it comes to figuring out how to make the older ones recline and convert and such).

2) Speaking of mom-to-mom sales, I done good at one a few weeks ago. I had a prophetic moment (I said prophetic, not pathetic...) and bought a bunch of 12 AND 18 month clothes for the little Judester. At his appointment this week, the doc took a look at his measurements and predicts another growth spurt on the way. ANOTHER GROWTH SPURT?!? The kid is already starting to stretch out the 12 monthers in the leg and snap department! I suppose it's a good thing it is summer and he can live in shorts. I am also very thankful to Aunt Tara for sharing the goodies she got from her cousin Theresa, because between the mom-to-mom sale and the stash from them, J's good to go for the summer and entering fall (minus a few onesie staples if I don't want to do laundry every other day) for under $50. Hooray!

3) Did I just mention summer? What? Mama Bear no likey sweating. I know, my people are from a hot climate. I do not now, nor ever have I, lived in said climate. My peopleness originated in San Diego. I prefer a balmy 70 degree, non-humid average any day. So, really, spring, can you stick around a little while without making me toasty? Thank you kindly!

4) What do chalk, bubbles and cars have in common? That's right - the ability to mesmerize my children for a long period of time. Now to find something for the babe to hang out in outside that will keep him out of trouble without frustrating his go-go-gadgetyness. If we can find something that fits that bill and make a little shade and lemonade for mama bear, I think our days are about to get much, much sweeter. Well, until the ants and bugs come along and the man on the moon hears Li'l G shrieking at the top of her lungs. Right on, little girl. Mama's with ya. 

5) As long as we are on the subject of the out of doors... While my vintage/retro obsession has gravitated toward clothing, the Hubbers has up and gotten himself a rotary mower. Well, actually he got a hand-me-over one as a gift from someone (not me) after he mentioned that he might like to get one. Apparently they are all the rage as we saw a neighbor using one the other day. I'm still waiting to see how it maintains our carefully groomed landscape (dripping with sarcasm). 

6) Thinking of carefully groomed landscapes reminds me that lately I need help keeping my envy in check. While others are moving into new homes, planting their perfect gardens (like I'd even play in one), decorating cute bigger houses, I'm working on (working is a very loosely used term here) just getting the clutter under control. I'm pretty sure clutter is in the same bloodline as rabbits, since clothes, papers, books, toys and sundry other items seriously multiply overnight. Throwing my hands up in utter frustration doesn't seem to be making a dent in the piles of piles. Perhaps I should work on a real plan to attack the house so I too can feel like we have a pretty cute house (which we really do - it's just buried under stuff).

7) REMODEL TIME! We are on a mission to get this old bathroom busted down and prettied up...on a budget of course. Somehow a guy that gave us a quote a couple years ago has sensed the market is on a rebound and his quote went up some $3000. Yeah, that's right $3000! Not really sure that works for us, but thank you for playing. I'm hoping as I call around, that really isn't the going price or my dreams of other small renovations might be slowly dying. Let me tell you, we will not let the dream of a good old fashioned front porch sit die!! Nor the dream of a slightly better manicured backyard with a modest playyard for the kids. Nor a basement that is organized and liveable. I'm sorry - did you hear that too? Cha ching. Cha ching. Cha ching. (la la la la...I can't hear you!) I am so hoping one day this summer my Five Favorites will be the alterations to our home. If it is in His plans, it shall be. (on repeat)

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  1. Rakhi - You might look into doing skills trades with people you know in order to reduce the cost of your house projects. If you google "barter groups" you might find something in your community which would offer a wider circle of people and skills to choose from.

    1. Great idea, Anna. I had no idea there was such a thing!

  2. Car seats decompose in the car with the heat and sun. That is why they expire around five years. Our family is famous for chubby babies (30 lbs at a year is the norm). Fortunately, this does not seem to reflect on their adult height and weight :)

    1. Thanks for the info Janette! And our baby girl is totally stretching out as a toddler - not a chub at all anymore! I'm a little sad about that. I loved those chubby thighs!! She is growing too fast!