Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beatitude Attitude {vol. 5}: Begrudgingly Grateful

Sorry to be a little delayed in posting this Tuesday. We got going this morning and I realized I never scheduled a post! This weekly feature is starting to really prove its purpose. Today has overall been a day where I am writing "blessed am I" rather begrudgingly. I'm honestly struggling to come up with my seven. That's really the point of the exercise, though, isn't it? I look at moments and it seems nothing in the world is going right. God sees those moments and says, "I AM. I am with you. I will make beauty out of this, especially since it's not as bad as you think it is." It really isn't. Here it goes...

1) Blessed am I that in what seems to be the slowest moving traffic ever, God reminds me that He is the author of time and is in complete control.

2) Blessed am I that God gives me moments in my life that will be fodder for laughter later on.

3) Blessed am I with the ability and time to make lasting memories with my littles.

4) Blessed am I with joyful children, who remind me what it is to be amazed in the little things.

5) Blessed am I in the noise, when God reminds me how valuable silence is.

6) Blessed am I in the silence, when God teaches me how to find peace.

7) Blessed am I that the Hubbers takes the kids on a walk so I can step back and be thankful!

Bonus - Blessed am I that there is chocolate in the house and I am not allergic to it!

And there you have it - this week's edition of the Beatitude Attitude! When I finally sit down to count my blessings, it turns out I have more difficulty stopping at seven. Who'd have guessed?

Please join in so we can see what beautiful things are blessing your lives this week!

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