Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beatitude Attitude {vol. 8} - Revenge...

...is a dish best served cold...summer cold that is. I dared to call this summer cold dastardly last night, and today it is taking its full revenge. The positive side is that I get extra time to reflect on my blessings as I rest and try to keep my nose from running away or taking on too close a resemblance to Rudolph. The down side is that I really have to refrain from snuggling the babes or smothering them with kisses, which is so.stinking.hard when they are the most snuggable, kissable babes in toyland!!

Without further ado (or achoo, as it is in the moment)...

1) Blessed am I to have a beautiful family that I have gotten to enjoy over the holiday weekend. Given the Memorial Day holiday, I know there are many families who did not get to enjoy time with all their loved ones.

2) Blessed am I to have figured out that our yard is too small for swing sets or play structures. It frees us up to do some other things and take more walks to the park.

3) Blessed were we with absolutely beautiful weather for the weekend so we could enjoy time together outside playing and planting.

4) Blessed am I that that weather quickly turned to rain yesterday, both for the sake of my garden and for the sake of quashing the amateur fireworks that would have inevitably shattered the silence of sleeping children.

5) Blessed am I that this sickness didn't hit full force until after my shift at work yesterday, and that the next two days are my "work from home" days.

6) Blessed am I that the Hubbers doesn't listen to me and was able to take the day off work to give me time to rest, even after my insistence that we would be fine and he should go.

7) Blessed am I that the little babe has been sleeping through the night. I was so worried that I would have to get him last night and then make him sick as well, but he slept right on through like a champ! Hooray!

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  1. Rakhi, I can't seem to get the linkup to work which is why my link doesn't show on your post. I know it's my computer's problem - it's been having similar problems recently. Oh well, just know that I did a Beatitudes post and TRIED to connect to yours.

  2. Rakhi -
    I'm desperately hoping that this comment will go through. I tried several times to link to you yesterday but I couldn't get the link button to work, so I tried to link via the inlinkz link, which looked like it went through but obviously didn't. Then I posted a comment but that hasn't shown up either. St. Jude, help me get through!