Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Drama, Mamas, but not a Llama

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UNO: I'm pretty certain I am in the not-so-early stages of momentia. One morning, I almost put sugar in the baby bottle and formula in my coffee...AGAIN. Not to mention the number of times I walk into a room and wonder why the heck I'm in there, only to walk out and then remember...and then forget once again. Let's not even talk about my phone and keys and how they have grown legs and like to walk off and hide. I think I broke my brain.

DUE: It doesn't help that the sinus crud is hitting for a second round. I was thinking it was just allergies until last night, when I felt like perhaps I'd been hit by a truck or forced off a cliff and pushed underwater all with a clothespin stuck to my nose. Dramatic? Yeah, without a doubt. But I do feel like crap. Which makes me just want to sleep. Which with two babes 2 and under is a hot commodity. Let's not even start mentioning the working on responding with grace and patience. Yup. Dramatic. Of course, then...

TRES: I read Dwija's update on her sweet baby. Not good news, my friends. Two things struck me. One, how much I think it is the end of the world when it is probably only the middle of the afternoon. Second, how Dwija's mind works in utter selflessness as she decides she needs to update all her readers because they are no doubt praying and worrying about her. I think it is safe to say I would be locking my sorry self in a black hole physically and virtually to wallow in an ocean of tears and anger. Lesson learned on how actually to behave. Oh, and third thing. I am so thankful that I'm fairly certain my doctor would never ever ask me the question of whether I want to voluntarily terminate my pregnancy, regardless of the dire outlook. Let's be storming heaven with some prayers, fellow warrior women. Let's show doc what a  miracle looks like in the hands of our mighty God!

CUATRO: Parenting the second time around has gotten a little lax up in here. Stain on the shirt? Ehhh, we'll put a new one on tomorrow. First taste of custard before we wean off the formula? Eh, why not? I was far more protective (perhaps over-protective) about moving Li'l G along in the food category. The babe has reaped the benefits of second child-dom. And he's a-lovin' it!

I mean c'mon...with that face, mama'd give
him whatever he wanted!
FIVE: If you didn't read my Five Faves, you probably missed some excitement. WE ARE GETTING A NEW BATHROOM. Yes, I am so excited it makes my 5s post and my 7s post. Besides, we already have most of the materials to get started, despite a small setback with the tile. While it is very pretty and reasonably priced, the stone will be hard to clean and maintain. Apparently they do not yet make a self-cleaning bathroom. Note to self: invent self cleaning bathroom. Make zillions. Move to villa in Italy where Italian marble is not so rare. End note.

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VI: Patty over at Tales of Me and the Husband introduced me to the Cara Box Exchange, hosted by Kaitlin at Wifessionals. It's a neat little way to get to know other bloggers, and who doesn't like getting packages in the mail? It's a month by month commitment, so you can participate as your budget allows, which is also nice. This month's theme is fairs and carnivals. The first thing I think of being an Iowa girl at heart, is of course...the Iowa State Fair! It is, after all, the best state fair in town! With the famed butter cow, fried everything, meat on a stick, bacon wrapped goodies, pork chops, funnel cakes, pig calling, 4H exhibits, great concerts...what isn't to love? I'm bummed that it always seems to be in mid-August, which doesn't work for a vacation in this teacher household. Perhaps one day, state fair, perhaps one day.

SETTE: Answer: a ukulele, a ping pong paddle, a pirate hat, race cars still in their package and sparkly shoes. What are random things that currently grace our living room? (Also acceptable, what are signs that Casa McCormick needs help getting organized?) Thanks for playing! If you've got any tips organizational tips (aside from the "make sure everything has a place or get rid of it" obvious statement), I'm all ears! We're talking creative ways to organize that are low maintenance here. Thank you kindly!

And...that is that. This Seven Quick Takes is brought to you by a teething baby and toddler who refuses to nap. To read more quick takes this week that are infinitely more interesting, head on over to Jen's at Conversion Diary!

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  1. LOVE the picture of your wee little man, too cute!
    That's great you're gonna try out the Cara Box, let me know how it goes :)

    1. Thanks, Patty! I am excited to see what this ol' Cara Box thing is all about. It's kinda cool to be paired with bloggers who are not Catholic women...expanding the old horizons and reach... :)

  2. "I think it is the end of the world when it's probably only the middle of the afternoon". BRILLIANT! And memorable in the midst of future meltdowns...
    Prayers going up for you.

    1. Thanks, Anna! Still fighting over here so I'm sorry I've been MIA...

  3. 1- I hear ya. yesterday I washed a teething toy for the baby and then handed it absent-mindedly to the toddler.
    2.Sinus issues are the worst!
    5.Same here. Meticulous w/ the first, lax w/ the second. :)

    1. HA! I almost handed my toddler the baby's bottle...which she almost took. C'est la vie! :)