Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Five Faves: Under Attack (aka: More On That Later)

Those pesky viruses have staged a siege of my lungs and sinuses since this weekend, so I've been rather unmotivated to write. Read: every time I start to move the virus brigade starts dancing and my lungs convulse violently. So, today I bring you five memes and images that will inspire future posts. Because even though I'm not up to completing complicated coherent thoughts and forming them into poetic prose today, my mind is still spinning with thoughts that clearly must be expressed at some point. Aren't you lucky ducks?


...or do in PE! Egads...poor kids today. More on that later. 


Challenge extended. Challenge accepted! (When I remember?) More on that later...


A good reminder for an overachiever who constantly checks to see how she's measuring up. More on that later...

I think this is my new motto. More on that later...


Ain't that the truth? You guessed it! More on that later...

Now get thee on over to Hallie's at Moxie Wife to see what people who have the ability to write coherently are saying!


  1. I love the Van Gogh quote! Especially appropriate considering his painting style. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love memes and picture quotes. :)