Friday, June 28, 2013

7QT: Live It or Write It

I'm so glad to be able to link up to Jennifer's 7 Quick Takes on weeks where it seems that living life is in direct competition with writing about life. Why not do both, you ask? Well, I'm just not that coordinated...or energetic apparently. And as you will see, I am trying to get a handle on all.the.clutter! I'll get back to writing more once a few projects are completed around the old Casa. Seriously. Oh, and by projects, I don't mean putting away laundry. That can wait. ;) So, what's been going on this week?

1) This.

2) That.

3) This face!

4) Pegboard project making progress!

5) Linen closet and cupboards are shaping up to not look like they should qualify for a FEMA grant.

6) Do you ever find yourself in the car or shower and the.most.brilliant.idea.ever hits you but you have no way to write it down right away? Then when you sit down to write, you find yourself scratching your head as though the creepy crawlers had gotten you? This girl does it all.the.freaking.time. Then the Holy Spirit and I have a conversation about if it was something I was really supposed to write about, He needs to make sure I remember. Yesterday, I did manage to look up some lyrics once I parked, but then I lost the link. Awesome., right? I remembered the lyrics though!! They were from a Sidewalk Prophets song, and the line was "You take my fear and give me faith. You take my doubt and give me grace." Love it. Will have to write more on it since my buddy the Holy Spirit kept that nugget in my brain for two days. It's in my queue of things to write about once the house is more organized. Stop laughing. I will write again. I will.

7) Apparently, home renovations do not happen overnight by magical fairies and leprechauns. Did you know that you have to wait to get on people's schedules? This first timer thought it would be a heck of a lot easier! Now I'm getting a little nervous about whether the work will be done before the Hubs has to go back to school! Yikes-o-Petes! Speaking of renovations, have you met Dwija over at House Unseen, Life Unscripted? You really should - even in the midst of what would make me a catatonic, weeping mess, she is funny, warm, thoughtful and just plain beautiful. Read all about her beautiful laundry room! Then, if you are so moved, you can pop on over to Clan Donaldson and help her have a functional space since she is likely to go on complete and total bedrest from a tres-high-risk pregnancy. Help a momma and her fam on out! Just to warn you, if the donation amount approaches $10,000, Cari will be taking the link down. Just email her to send a donation via ze mail o' snail. Grazie!

That's all we have time for on this edition of Life at Casa McCormick and beyond! Tune into far more interesting thoughts over at Conversion Diary! And as always, thank you Jennifer for hosting this little get together!

As your bonus for still reading this post, here are a couple pics from an early photoshoot with the little man for his 1st birthday! See? I make it worth your while sometimes...

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  1. I'm emerald with envy over the closet and cupboard pics! I totally adore anything container-y, I just wish I was better at selecting and arranging. I feel like I have Home Aesthetic Colorblindness or something!