Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Best! Jesus, Sprinklers and a Frothy Brew

I'm back for another double link up this weekend with the ladies over at Fine Linen and Purple for What I Wore Sunday and Grace over at Camp Patton for Sunday Best. We ended up splitting Masses today since the kids were up on and off through the night. Who really knows why, but I blame the fireworks that had no purpose. Always blame the fireworks and keep the PD on speedial, but I digress. Our report card will be based on last night. Li'l G gets a C- and little dude gets a B-. We're tough graders at the Casa!

I ended up making a last minute decision to hit up an earlier Mass in the area, so it was a "quick hop in the shower and rummage through clothing to find something to wear so I'm ready to fly out the door when the Hubs gets back" kind of morning. 

Shirt: SalArm 
Skirt: Meijer clearance
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack a few years ago I think. I love that they are the kind of sandals I wore as a little girl, but all growed up and comfy style Merrels.

The Gospel for today, the "Hudu" passage as I like to call it, is a familiar one, and yet, in its true living style, it brings new things to mind every time I hear it. It struck me today that the question Jesus asks Peter, "who do you say that I am?" is such an integral question for all of us. Its importance is not only in defining who we say Jesus is, but equally who we say we are, and whether we know. How often do we hear people talking about redefining themselves or finding themselves? To know ourselves in a world that is constantly trying to label and shape us can be a formidable battle. I think if we have a strong answer to the first question and know who Jesus is, it becomes easier to stand firm in the truth of who we are as adopted sons and daughters of God. And yet, there are so many ways to answer the question still. Who am I? Yes, a daughter of God. I am wife, I am mother, I am daughter, I am woman, I am .... 

What led me to all this reflection is really Li'l G and her reaction to us when we use labels for her. If we tell her she is silly, or crazy, or funny, her response is always, "No I'm not, I'm Gianna!" She is firm. While it is a sweet and funny toddler quirk, it really gets to the deeper truth of our identity. We may act in certain ways, have certain personality traits that come and go, but they are not who we are. Gigi acts silly, but it is not her being. At the core of ourselves, we are children of a Father who calls us by name, into whose family we have been adopted, and to whose kingdom we claim an inheritance.

So yes, Li'l G, you are right. You are Gianna, and your God calls you, His daughter, by name. I hope you never forget this little quirk that holds such deep Truth.

In other news, we beat the heat with a little sprinkler fun in the backyard and beat the droopy eyelids with some homemade cappuccinos. Starbucks ain't got nothin' on us! 


  1. Cute skirt! You make a great point about the identity we give ourselves when we identify someone else. It's something like the reaction people give when you mention a band/movie/etc. they've never heard of. You think of that person differently based on what they know. Hmm.

  2. Ugh fireworks with no purpose... Thankfully all our white noise machines drown them out, but that's definitely one of my least favorite things about summer!