Friday, June 21, 2013

7QT: Making Up For Lost Time

Joining up with Jennifer over at Conversion Diary for a quick whirlwind tour of life at Casa McCormick. What is life like at the Casa after mama has been knocked off her feet for a week? I thought you'd never ask! Oh, you didn't ask? Gasp!

1) I'm making up hours at work this week since I was pretty much out all of last week. I am truly blessed to be able to make up some of my hours so my paycheck isn't as weak as my body last week. It, however, has been a confirmation that I do not want to return to full-time out-of-the-home work. Das ist alles.

2) Tuesday's agenda? Golf (for the Hubbers, not yours truly), zoo, work, clean gutters, clean out nursery, eat dinner, bathe children...I think, bedtime. I'm tired now just typing that.

3) An organizing bug has bit me. I always thought I might be allergic, but it turns out I actually am rather fond making some sense out of the madness. I have grand ideas in my head that might have visions of Pinterest floating through it, so we will see what happens. First project: pegboard for the "mudroom" (otherwise known as the secondary entry to our home and landing on the stairs to the basement). Second project: kitchen cupboards - bring on those canisters and chalkboard labels! Third project: linen closet - thrift store here I come for your cute yet functional baskets! Check back in a few weeks to see if the allergic reaction has overcome me.

4) Feeling a little better leads to me doing too much at once. I think I'm all better, and then before I know it I am in the middle of a coughing fit. Being back to work a few full days this week, though, has felt good. I know I don't want to do it every day, but it felt good to be somewhere long enough to be able to settle in, get work done and then call it a day. When I am working half days, sometimes I feel like I just get there and then it is time to leave. Again, I'm also very sure I am not meant to do this every day, but being productive after being out of commission for a week felt very good. It made me really reflect on the dignity of work - we were commissioned to be stewards of the earth, and work is an inherent part of that, whether in the office, home or elsewhere. There is a reason hard work feels good, even if it is exhausting.

5) Not having done all our grocery shopping last week, we are on a regimen of band-aid shopping for necessities and eating out. I think we have eaten out every day this week. This reminds me, I need to get back on that whole making meal plans goal so shopping comes from a list and I can send the Hubbers to stock our kitchen when I am down for the count, or not feeling like trolling the aisles with a couple of noisy midgets.

6) We have been enjoying the lettuce and basil from our garden. The backyard is looking the best it has looked in many a year for the Casa. So much so, that we are now contemplating placing a few more containers in an old flower bed to grow some more vegetables. We are thinking three more pots. So far, the thought is maybe another batch o' lettuce, carrots and beans. Then again, I'm thinking maybe spinach instead of beans. What would you plant?

7) Since the Hubs wasn't officially on summer break until this week, it wasn't 'til this week that we could truly say this:

That be the kit and caboodle from these here parts. Now go see what all the other campers are thinkin' over at Jennifer's!


  1. It is so great that you are able to find a balance with working (outside the home) for half days!

    1. It really is a blessing, Amy. I couldn't have asked for better.

  2. If you plant kale or chard, it's "cut and come again", meaning that the leaves can be harvested over a much longer period than if you plant spinach, which bolts too quickly. We've been harvesting kale and chard from the same seven plants for probably 5 months now.

    1. Thanks, Anna! That is great to know - we were wondering what to do... First time with most of these plants around here. :)