Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beatitude Attitude {vol. 9}: Blessed Assurance

It's that time again for Beatitude Attitude Tuesday, where I look on life's blessings and take a break from all the complaining. Well, for a quick moment, at any rate. Let's not waste any time!

1) Blessed am I to live in an age where I am so connected so easily. Gathering at the virtual well has never been easier or more meaningful as I meander on the path of motherhood, wifery and discipleship. For this I am truly thankful. More on that in another post.

2) Blessed am I that we've had enough rain to keep our garden watered, and enough sunshine to allow for playing in the backyard in the evenings. These kids adore the out of door play.

3) Blessed am I to have a husband who is a strong man of faith. We don't always stay strong on our prayer path as a family, but he is always steadfast in finding us opportunities to be inspired and energize our efforts.

4) Blessed am I to be connected to some people who are incredible examples of lively faith and living by the seat of the Holy Spirit. I am floored when I think about all the truly prophetic and influential people the Lord has brought into my life to help me along the way. Better figure out where He's leading me so I don't bury me own talents, eh lads and lassies?

5) Blessed am I to have spiritual leaders who call me on the carpet...and whose calling I know is coming when I see them. Just had that experience this weekend showing up too late for a morning Mass before a mini-retreat on the Eucharist. Saw father coming. Tried ducking, but he knows us. Joyous to see us, and quick to call me on the carpet for coming for a talk and missing the actual Eucharist. Doh.

6) Blessed am I that the Lord protects me from situations before I even know there are situations from which to be protected. I am far more patient when driving (mostly) when I remember that the reason things may be slow is that God is keeping me out of harm's way.

7) Blessed am I to have friends who really challenge me to think and not just react. While we do not always agree on everything, and with some, rarely agree on things, I appreciate being brought back from emotional ranting to unite faith and reason as it should be.

What is God doing to turn your frown upside down this week?

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  1. Blessed you are indeed! Sounds like you are surrounded by good and faith-filled people. Plus, rain and sunshine in the right combination keeps a smile on my face.