Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Five Faves: Faith, Fashion and Fawning

It's been a long last day of bathroom renovation, and I am thrilled to say we are done! Since we are approaching my bedtime and I'm a tired puppy, here are my five favorites this week, including a little faith, a little fashion, and a little fawning over the new space. :)


We are blessed in Detroit to have several beautiful spiritual gathering places beyond parishes. One of my favorites is the Solanus Casey Center, located on Mt. Elliot near Vernor Hwy. Originally St. Bonaventure parish, the site has now expanded to host a visitor center with an exhibit on the Venerable Solanus Casey, a gift shop, meeting space and more. One of my favorite things about the center is that they offer just-about-perpetual confession. Monday-Saturday on the hour from 10-4, except 1 when they gather for prayer and on holy days. With parishes offering embarrassingly little opportunity for confession overall, this little corner of my world is a gem!

I told you last week I'd be singing the praises of Capri leggings, and I aim not to disappoint! I am loving them! Full length leggings always make me self conscious of my thighs, but Capri leggings split up the visual on the leg to the point that the hips and thighs don't get as much focus. I can dig that. Now, I've seen some handsomely priced pairs, but No Nonsense offers a pair for under $15 - another little factoid I can dig! Here's my little caveat - in my estimation of life and fashion as it should be, leggings, Capri or not, are not pant substitutes. Please, this is an appropriate CYA scenario if ye catch me drift.


NYC brand makeup. I know, it's the cheap stuff. I have to admit that's part of it's charm. I can experiment with color and bolder looks without committing a full paycheck to it. I also have a really hard time finding a foundation that matches my skin tone, doesn't feel too oily and is reasonably priced - NYC does the trick there too! Plus they have fun, inexpensive quick dry nailpolish. All winners in my book!

If this hasn't become apparent yet, I'm really trying to explore the fashion world on a budget. Enter Douglas J Aveda Institute. They offer all the perks of a full Aveda salon at completely affordable prices. The trade off is that it is a senior student stylist and it can take a little longer since they have to have an instructor check everything. I'm okay with that. I've been coming here ever since I got my wedding hair and makeup done there (stumbled across them in my backyard during a bridal tour event) and though the stylist changes as the classes graduate, my hairstyle rotates between two or three looks so it ain't no thang. 

Last but not least...the bathroom reveal! I didn't get the best picture today, so look for more details on Friday, but here is our new bathroomy digs...

Much better than this:

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  1. Wow, the bathroom looks great! And I'd love to find a less expensive salon like the one you mentioned.