Monday, July 15, 2013

The Birthday Un-Bash

It is here. The week of the first birthday party. You'd expect me to be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, making cute decorations, planning out the meal, making the favors up and all that jazz. I mean, with Li'l G's parties I was a madwoman!  Her first birthday I made one of those giant cupcake cakes. I had no idea it would be the size of Hagrid's head. Talk about having your cake and eating it too...we had that thing forEVER! Last year, for her second birthday, I even made a pirate ship out of cardboard boxes!

Call it simplifying or simply being tuckered out, baby brother is feeling the repercussions of parties gone wild. The theme is no theme. I suppose if you had to find a theme, it would be the retro no theme birthday parties of yesteryear. Balloons, streamers, store bought cupcakes and party hats...we are going bare bones and having it at a park so the kids can run themselves silly. Pray for no rain, if you would! Now, this crafty artsy fartsy mama will probably end up making a balloon garland to wrap around the picnic shelter, because let's face it, haphazardly thrown decorations would drive me batty. And the boy will get a homemade 1st birthday cake for himself. Still, a little lightheaded fun of balloon inflating is a far cry simpler.

At the end of the day, if I'm overextending myself to out-Pinterest Pinterest, then I've lost focus. The day should be about celebrating this little boy who has brought such joy into our lives,his milestones, his life...not my ability to decorate to the nines or make the most creative treats. Sometimes, nay most times, simplicity brings us back to the heart of what matters. Here is hoping we can celebrate in love and laughter the life of our little man!

Now to figure out what we are feeding people. That will be a game day Costco run decision. I'm telling you - I'm a madwoman flying by the seat of my pants for this party! Got any go-to saints to keep away the rain? I'd love to hear about it...and have you join us in a prayer or two!


  1. I've heard to keep away the rain you should hang rosaries on the bushes or trees on the day of the party. Hoping for a beautiful day for baby boy's party!
    As far as simplifying, I'll now be combining Bella and Gabby's birthday parties since their birth dates are only 2 weeks apart. Sometimes simple really is best! Good luck with the party!

  2. We are the worst parents ever, because joey's birthday fell at the beginning of our vacation, and we are only in town four days of three weeks (none of which are weekend dates) we are just doing cake with the grandparents here on Thursday. I feel awful. But we can't really swing anything else:( poor kid. He did, however, get to do rainforest cafe with a cake on his actual birthday, is maybe he won't be scarred for like, but doubtful!