Sunday, July 14, 2013

What I Wore: Vigil Edition

Linking with the ladies over at Fine Linen & Purple for What I Wore Sunday...kind of. 

Li'l G spent a few days at Nonna's, so we took the opportunity to go to a vigil Mass at our parish which we rarely do. A+ behavior all around! Yes, that's right - Judah slept. Rumor has it so did Li'l G. As the days got away from me whilst I worked on other projects and dealt with some minor weird health issues, this will be a quickity quick fashion show.

Dress you've seen before (thrifted) with shrug you've seen before with shoes you've seen before. See? Told you it would be quick! On a side note, this is the first picture of me in a long time I actually like. Must remember this combo...and pose! Oh, and the mini grotto was built by the Hubs at his mom's house. We should get on that for our own house, no?

What was new this week were the accessories. We were running errands on Saturday morning (bank, post office...thrilling I know!) and ran across our community's garage sale. We were headed to the community art fair, but decided we'd probably fare better at the garage dealio. True dat, yo. True dat. Picked up a couple pieces of jewelry for a bargain, and we found a shelf for our new bathroom. 

That's that for the fashions in these parts! For more exciting styles, visit the ladies over at Fine Linen & Purple!

Quick Mass reflection: The one thing that struck me this weekend from the homily was a slightly different take (for me) on the very familiar passage of the Good Samaritan. While the hubs was listening to the translation and realizing he didn't care for the NAB language, I ... well, I went on auto-pilot. I mean, it's not like I haven't heard it before, right? Fr. Libor presented a new perspective on the text that shook me out of that glazed over late afternoon "I want to be napping with the baby" haze. Instead of considering who is our neighbor in terms of who is looking for our help or love, he broke down the Gospel to show us that the question was not about the injured party, but of those who showed (or didn't show) mercy. Perhaps the question isn't are they my neighbor, but rather, are WE a neighbor to those around us? Or are we too wrapped up in our fear, judgment and busyness to stop and see the need of others, even if they aren't laying on the side of a road? Good question, and one that always bears further scrutiny in our lives as we strive to more fully be the hands, feet and heart of Christ in the world.

And with that, buona notte a tutti!

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