Tuesday, July 9, 2013


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Over the last week, I have started to read and use a devotional Bible with reflections from women who are part of the Proverbs 31 ministry. Give me no grief - I know it is not a Catholic edition. However, I have been searching for something that would help me make Scripture a daily part of my prayer life outside from structured prayer like the Liturgy of the Hours or using the Magnificat. While they both lead me with and in the Word, I don't find that they draw me into contemplation. This devotional Bible has. Set up with 366 daily devotions spread throughout every few chapters of Scripture, the reflections provide me a natural pace and rhythm to reading through parts of Scripture that are otherwise cumbersome for me (like some of the Old Testament). Plus, it's the Kindle version to boot, which means I can read in the dark. Double bonus points.

Getting back into a rhythm of reading the Word opens the floodgates of prayer and thought and life and breath, even if a little bit at a time. It provides balm to a weary soul. I find comfort verses, challenging verses, prophetic words and words that remind me that this side of heaven the picture is not perfectly complete. While I am currently using the NIV with this devotional, I do wish Catholic ministries would work to create a  resource with the whole of Scripture. I'm a Tobit gal after all - I'd love a reflection or two on some of that verse! If you know of any out there, please let me know. I'm Mrs. Catholic Bibles Blog, after all. (Can't use Mrs. Bible Nerd, since Mark Hart coined the Bible Geek title already, darn him!)

Getting back into the a regular reading and contemplation of Scripture also allows the living person of the Word, the Word made flesh, to rekindle my memory of Him. It begins to allow familiar words to seep into my brain to be swirled around like a fine wine and digested and enjoyed. It allows the Word to impact my life and begin to shed light into areas of darkness in my soul and actually transform them. 

All that to lead up to this: I've been lamenting lately about how tired I have been. Between the children, fireworks, thunderstorms, cats, sickness and snorers that shall remain nameless, I can't remember the last time I have had a full night of sleep. My remedy is all.the.coffee!! I'm not sure if it was yesterday morning or Sunday, but suddenly Philippians 4:13 floated through my foggy brain. "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Him? Wait, what...Christ? Not Coffee?? Whoa. Get outta town! Shut the front door and the back one! Call on the name of the Lord and not my Cuisinart?? Ohhh...

I find this revelation additionally amusing because, well, this morning a friend posted this to my Facebook page, (which actually confirmed my desire to write this post at all):

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Perhaps, from now on I'll just have Coffee with Jesus

from the Radio Free Babylon FB page

Seriously, if you're not following Radio Free Babylon, you should! Their Coffee With Jesus comic strip is a knee slapper (and sometimes a head slapper). Their upcoming book of comic strips would make a great Christmas present since it comes out in November. No hints there... 

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