Friday, August 23, 2013

7QT: Orange Shivers, Pope on a Phone and Booking It

Time again to link up with Jennifer over at Conversion Diaries for a snapshot of life and wonderments at the Casa.

ONE: Orange gives me the shivers, and not just because I'm an Aggie by grad school loyalties. To be more precise, orange barrels give me the shivers. Is it a sign that I might need some help if when I see them lined up on the side of the road by my standard entrance to the freeway, I begin to cry a little on the inside? Or that my blood pressure rises when every road to wherever I am going has some little bit of construction on it? I so very much wish that was an exaggeration. Apparently orange is the state color of Michigan, we are either in construction season or hunting season...if not both.

TWO: Little man has been a man of few words, mostly just a doer, not a talker. As of today, he now meows when he sees the cats. Loudly. I'm not sure the Hamcat knows what to do with that. He's probably just reminiscing about that time when there was only the white cat to contend with and not two little people causing a ruckus. In other news, he also got his first hair trim at Mama's Little Barber Shop.

THREE: Did you hear the one where pope Francis called a college student randomly? I LOVE THIS GUY! Apparently the story is that he is calling young adults. I'm sadly unsure that I any longer qualify as such. Call young parents! Call young parents! (But not during naptime...)

FOUR: Late to the game again, we are really loving us some Gaffigan. I absolutely loved him on My Boys as Andy, but never knew about his stand up until recently (no doubt due to the buzz he is creating in the Catholic world). My only issue is the name of his darn book, Dad is Fat. While it matches his self deprecating humor, and I now know it was the first full sentence his son wrote and that it will undoubtedly make us snort-laugh while simultaneously pondering the question of whether we are ready for adult diapers, um, can you really buy that for someone without them asking the inevitable dramatically posed question: "You think I'm fat?" Now say it in Jim Gaffigan voice in your head. You know it should be part of his act. Pass it on.

FIVE: I was standing in the return line at Target the other day (unusual, I know!) and overheard a woman talking about a new-ish app called Shopkick. (I think they may be Parks  Rec fans based on their slogan.) Basically, you get points (kicks) for stopping into certain stores (of which Target is one), scanning items or purchasing items depending on the store. You accumulate those points and then can redeem them for things. As much as we go to Target and such, I figure I may as well check it out. Anyone else use it?

Sculpture fountain outside
Library that still mystifies
me. What does it mean?!?
SIX: We finally made it to the library, even after our disappointing trip the other morning where it was still closed at 11. Apparently some days it doesn't open until noon. My bad. We went back in the evening with the Hubs. I remember spending so much time at our library growing up (which I believe was actually one of the original Carnegie libraries - beautiful old building). My mom had a love of reading which she passed on to me. Both the Hubbers and I are self-proclaimed bibliophiles. Sadly, our Li'l G was more enthralled with the computers and train set this time around. I'm not wholly surprised, though she also loves her books, the bells and whistles caught her attention first. I did discover the library has a family story hour for kids under 5 on Wednesdays this fall, so perhaps we will give that a try. My Spidey sense tells me that might be a disaster with two kids who don't like to sit still for too long, but I am going to brave it for the love of books... Check back this fall to see if I made it out alive.

SEVEN: Speaking of reading, I'm mid book and losing interest, but I can't put it down. It's like I am willing it to become interesting again instead of just repetitious. I mean, Stephen King totally recommended the novel. Perhaps I should have remembered I don't actually read anything by Stephen King... I suppose I should just give up and move on, but the stubborn reader in me wants it to be hoping it gets must right? There's still over a hundred pages left! I suppose I could come back to it after reading some of the other tomes that grace my really high "to-be-read" pile. Not all books can be compelling page turners that I finish in a day, like Thrift Store Saints or Now I Walk On Death Row or Same Kind Of Different. I know, there's a theme. Perhaps random serious novels just aren't my thing anymore. Sigh. I'll fess up. I do still like a lighthearted page turner a la Sophie Kinsella. Any page turners you'd recommend?

That concludes this week's edition of Seven Quick Takes from the Casa. Tune in next week when we discuss aging parents, purgatory and angels...or whatever else puzzled our minds over the week. Now go check in with the rest of the gang at Conversion Diary

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  1. Ugh late library openings annoy me so much... You'd think ANYWHERE would be open by 10, right? It drives me crazy that most places aren't even open by 10, but 12? Ridiculous.