Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Faves: From Monkeys to Monks

Another week and another introspective on what peaked my curiosity this week. It's another hodgepodge of items, which shouldn't be a tremendous shock to the system by now. 

1) Toddler imagination: our Li'l G is quite a storyteller. It's a good vocation for her at the current moment since she is most certainly a chatterbox. This morning's wake-up edition went as follows. 

Mama comes into room and snuggles: good morning, honeybear!
Li'l G: (smiles) mumbles something about a monkey. 
Mama: Did you say something about a monkey?
Li'l G: yes mama, an orange monkey. We will go get the orange monkey!
Mama: we are getting an orange monkey?
Li'l G: yes! You will wear your blue hat...we will go in the new car...we will go find the orange monkey!

Well, then, at least we have a plan of action for the day. Goals are good.

2) This photo:

3) The Mystic Monks and their oh-so delicious coffee:

We had gotten some as a wedding present and I remember liking it then, but we never reordered. It is the utmost in laziness or indifference because it is delicious, you order it online, they ship it to you, it is already ground and it comes in a vacuum sealed resealable bag. Yup. Pure stupidity on our part. Thank you oh monks so mystic!

4) Target jewelry this season...

...especially clearance jewelry...

5) Rich fragrances a la lotion and body wash:

I can't take strong perfumes, and know how I feel when people drown themselves in strong smelling potions, so these scents in lotion and soap are perfect. They start out a little stronger, but fade into a faint scent I think. Of course, I don't know what others would think - I hope they're not offensively strong! Both of these scents remind me of my mom's back terrace in India. Whatever the actual scents, they draw me into a warm, humid evening with the scent of jasmine lingering in the air while sandalwood burns nearby. They feel luxurious and I suppose a bit exotic, though not exactly in my book. Either way, I'm a fan and therefore I ought to stock up because I'm sure it will be quickly discontinued as happens with many things/scents I end up liking. 

That is it for this edition! Go visit Hallie over at Moxie Wife and find some other things to enjoy!

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