Wednesday, August 21, 2013

For The Love

As I sit here with the littles napping away along with the critters (finally) and realize that the last picture I need for my Five Faves involves items in a napping Li'l G's room, I come to you with a self-disclosure post while I wait.

I'm not sure what it is over the last week or so, but my heart overfloweth (not over flowers as autocorrect would suggest..sorry). Perhaps somewhere out there are a squadron of armies praying for me and my sanity, so to them, thank you! While the normal frustrations certainly still exist (no magic eraser on life's little annoyances sadly), it seems like my reset button is easier to find. Perhaps it is that by some miracle we've all been sleeping a little better...cats included. (And now I have just ruined all hopes of this continuing...) Maybe it is that I have finally surrendered to adulthood and am taking it by the reins to create less chaos...well, a little less anyway.

No matter the impetus behind it, I am so very much loving....loving! The Hubs and these two little people in my life just cause my heart to overflow, even when diapers do the same. (The diapers all belong to the little people, not the Hubs in case that wasn't clear.) I know my reactions don't always equate with that overflowing love and I am working on that. I'm just so happy to be madly in love with all my loves instead of nipped at the heels by that demon of frustration and anger. So happy. 

I didn't fully share last week what our little emergency was. As the littles and I began our weekly Meijer trip, I got a call from the Hubbers's phone...only it wasn't his voice on the other end. That always gets a Wfiey's spidey sense a tingling. Nothing like that kind of a call to drop your heart into your stomach. At least it was a friend who is his colleague, and not some random voice on the other end. Turns out he had a slight fainting episode at work and they were making him go to the ER via ambulance. (Can I tell you how much I'm guessing he loved that?) 

An overnight stay at ER observation later, all tests are fine. While we are thrilled he is in good shape and won't require another tune up soon, it's still a little disconcerting that there was no verdict as to the root cause of the episode. Ah well. All is well that ends well in this case! We will see how much the luxury ride and accommodations end up costing us. Perhaps we should consider a little vacation instead next time, what say ye?

Moments like that make you realize how much the little frustrations in life just aren't worth the battle. In a split second, everything could be different and gone. Isn't that what Jesus is constantly telling us? We know not the time nor the hour, but be prepared? In this case, be prepared by loving your heart out and letting that love overflow because who knows how long you have to love those around you. Enjoy the little things that make your loved ones unique and exhale the little frustrations that are inconsequential. Certainly don't sweep big things under the carpet as that only breeds resentment, but take a deep look at yourself and why you are frustrated. In my case, most of the time, it is me and not anyone else. My impatience, my selfishness, my greed, my unexpressed expectations. Let it all go. Express your needs, but don't hold an invisible measuring stick. In fact, don't hold a measure at all! Focus your energy on laying it all down for your spouse and children, and pray that your needs are met as well. If we each focus on exactly that, then just think of all the love that can flow from your family! Isn't that the sign and wonder the world needs to see? Isn't that when we are most fulfilled as wives and mothers? Love it up, people. For the love of Jesus, love it up.

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  1. Isn't it odd how it seems to often require a jolt to the system for us to put our focus on where it should have been all along. Ah, fallen humanity - we all groan, waiting for the full restoration that God has promised. I'm so glad that you are having a taste of that nectar right now.