Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Mother's Prayer

Li'l G thinks this is Mary.
All saintly women are Mary.
Today is the feast day of St. Monica. For those who do not know, St. Monica is the mother of St. Augustine, a doctor of the Church (whose feast we celebrate tomorrow). She was married to a pagan official, and through her prayers, her husband, mother in law, and all three children entered the church. All of her children entered the religious life. St. Augustine, if the history books are correct, was a challenge for St. Monica. Leading a less than saintly life, he is popular for such phrases as "give me chastity, but not yet" (loose quote). Through her prayers and perseverance, and many tears, St. Monica was assured that her son would not be abandoned. We know today, that he went on not only to have a deep conversion, but to write some of the most beautiful and profound literature in the history of the Church and lead many to Christ. Of course, St. Monica would die before she saw the fruit of her prayers beyond her son's conversion, but oh, what the power of a praying mother can do! 

When I got my pretty little iPhone, I knew I wanted more than just a pretty case. As much as people would likely see my phone, I wanted the case to be something that could be a point of conversation about who I am and what I believe, as well as serve as a reminder to me. I found this case with the image of St. Monica, and knew that was the one. There are so many people in my life who do not know the Lord or could use prayer, I figured having St. Monica with me would serve as a great reminder of the power of intercession. If I'm honest, I still don't always remember. In fact, I fall into the trap of either throwing my hands up in defeat and mock surrender "fine - you do this!" or thinking I have to have the right words, the right book, the right movie that will knock them to the ground in awe of Christ leading them to immediate surrender and conversion. What? It's just me? Oh....

Whatever our pitfall, St. Monica reminds us that the most powerful thing we can do is faithfully and constantly offer our heart, our prayers and even our tears to the Lord for those who do not know Him. As a mother, St. Monica brings into perspective that the most important thing we can desire for our children isn't of this world. It isn't wealth or success or other measures of the world, but rather an intimate knowledge of and friendship with Christ. Today, as we celebrate the feast of St. Monica, commit to praying through her intercession for at least one person you know who doesn't know the Lord, and as parents, let us recommit ourselves to praying more fervently for our children to know and love Jesus.

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  1. Rakhi, I'm so glad you're blogging. Your voice always brings refreshing, like cool water in the desert (which I know something about!).