Friday, September 13, 2013

7QT: I Need a Moment

I'd like to think that my overly emotive side is related to a state of pregnancy, but well, I think we are now quite clear that is not the case. I may have a bit of my mother's emotive tendencies in me after all, though usually balanced out by my dad's coolness of mind. This week, there were a few things that got me going, in good and not so good ways. I'm so glad Jennifer hosts these Seven Quick Takes so I can tell you all about it. Aren't you glad, too? 

1) President Vladimir Putin's Op-Ed in the NYTNow, I don't usually regard the NYT with a lot of optimism. After their pointedly biased reporting on the Church time and time again, we cancelled our subscription and haven't looked back. I will say, however, that I was nodding my head in agreement with almost every word Mr. Putin wrote. Either he is doing a masterful job of posing as a brother in Christ, echoing the Holy Father and speaking in calm, rational tones, or he actually has acquired a sense of prudence and wisdom and quite possibly experienced a conversion. It is surreal to think of Russia as the cool defender of Christians and voice for peaceful consensus building, but here it is. I know that the issue is far more complex than any letter in the Times or any speech by our President. It was just refreshing to see the facts and law spelled out clearly with a call to restraint.

2) 6 Reasons (+2) NOT to Send Your Daughter to College by an "Apostolate" posing as Catholic. Can they even call themselves an Apostolate? Did their Bishop grant them such status?? Does the Holy Father know?? I was going to take this opportunity to refute them with the rest of my 6 things, but here's the skinny. They clearly misunderstand what feminism in its truest sense means. They clearly operate from an axis of fear, which is not of God and which Jesus tells us to conquer and Popes galore, especially Pope John Paul II encouraged us to abandon. Be not afraid. May I recommend instead, this beautiful article in Verily as to why our education is not wasted on us if we choose to stay home with our children? It is far more enlightening and affirming of our true feminine genius.

3) I Love to Watch You Play. Such a beautiful reminder that our children need to hear us tell them that they are enough by just being, not doing. Just watching them live, enjoy, breathe, sleep, is joy. Someone recently left a comment on an older post I had written about things I never want my children to hear, which inspired me to go back and read that again. I sometimes get caught up in the need to make sure the kids are achieving their milestones or being socialized "normally" and the thing is that as long as they are not showing major developmental issues, the important thing is to enjoy what they are doing and not focus on what they are not. Which leads me to...

4) This week was our first attempt at a structured activity for Li'l G beyond a play date. The local library has family story hour that started this week (which is advertised as being for kids who are under 5, but as we found out is really a toddler story time - that got a little interesting with the little man in tow). I was a nervous nelly! Would LI'l G sit still? Could I get her to stop talking? Would she just want to tackle the kids with hugs? As for sitting still, not exactly. She did better than I thought, but it took a lot of guiding. Talking - she did pretty well and whispered when she did talk, so that was a huge step in the right direction. Other kids? Well, she just gets so darn excited that I did have to remind her other people have personal space and she can't be trying to hug kids during story time. Mama Bear was heartbroken that some of the kids were looking at her like she was a freak when she got super excited for singing and started bouncing up and down. I restrained myself and tried at first to stop her, and then decided they could look all they want. I am not restraining her joy when it is not inappropriate. Screw them! Sorry, but seriously, screw them! I do not want to raise her to be ashamed of being exuberant and joyful. If other kids treat her awfully because of it, their d@#% parents should be restraining them! Mama bear is done now. Sorry again. Craft time went a thousand percent easier than story time because that we do at home. She is an artistic genius. Here is her apple tree - admire at will. 

5) I am intrigued by Zooey Deschanel. I have always been drawn to her quirkiness. It is refreshing in a world of actresses that fit a bit of a mold. PBS Makers recently did spot on her which I thought was really interesting. The last line, in particular, caught my ear: "It's not about women acting like men, but women acting like women and being successful..." Amen! Now, she added an "in spite of it" in air quotes at the end, but we all know what she means. There were some viral comments about her in response, sadly, about being flighty and not a good representation of women (all by women mind you). I don't think she once said she was the penultimate woman. She was simply encouraged that in these times, there are more opportunities for women to play girly roles rather than being cast as an object (a friend, a love interest, etc) - that her brand of femininity was being offered a chance at the spotlight without having to compromise its unique qualities. I think she is lovely and wish her great success in continuing to forge the way for unique, strong, feminine actresses.

6) Holy Blessings. So not everything that made me tap into my emotive side was a "take up the banner and run" moment. Every night, here at the Casa, Li'l G gets tucked into bed with her battalion of books (we may seriously need an intervention already...or a different storage solution to 'scattered throughout the bed'). Then daddy usually says prayers with her and blesses her with holy water. Over the last week or so (maybe longer, but it just happened to me this week), she will then lick her finger and bless us in return, making the sign of the cross on our foreheads with a "God bless, you" and a "goodnight, sweetheart." Melts.this.mama.heart! I know, not so holy water, but it is so sincere and so sweet, I hope she does it always...or at least for a good long while.

7) Walking with Mary. Ok, so this has really nothing to do with me needing a moment. The Hubbers is hosting a giveaway on his blog, Catholic Bibles, for a copy of Edward Sri's newest book, Walking With Mary, courtesy of Image books. He is one stop along a "walking tour" of blogs reviewing this book. If you've never been over to Catholic Bibles, stop on by for your chance to win! Plus, if you have a love of Scripture and of the scholarship behind the Word, his blog is the place to be! As I write more, perhaps we will crossover some more posts...maybe. Or maybe I'll just let him write a few things here since I am not the Bible scholar in any sense of the word.

That wraps up Seven Quick Takes this week from the Casa. I'd be remiss not to give a quick shout out to my friends Mary over at Let Love Be Sincere (go! visit! admire the babies!), Emily, and Shauna who just birthed them some beautiful little boys! Yay babies! Also, prayers for a former student who lost her baby this week, and Erin over at And the 2 Became 1 as she continues to endure a hospital bed-rest prescription awaiting her rainbow baby, Noah. Blessings to you all!!

Now be sure to go visit Jennifer over at Conversion Diaries for more Quick Takes. 

Have a beautiful weekend, one and all!

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