Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Five Faves: Happy Dance

Today's viral question: "Where were you?" I am wondering, instead, what are you doing? Mary over at Let Love Be Sincere is commemorating this day by giving birth. Prayers to her and the family. Welcome to the world John Paul Francis (whom I shall call Benedict)!

I'm going to participate in this day by sharing my favorite dance moments. I believe that darkness is conquered with light, so while people reminisce about a dark day, I'm gonna dance dance dance! I'm a sucker for lyrical choreography, so these are mostly contemporary and classic... Linking it up Five Favorites style with Grace today while Hallie is busily writing away, so I hear.

1) Amy & Travis - Wicked Games

2) Ade & Melissa - This Woman's Work

3) Melissa & Ade - Romeo & Juliet Pas de Deux

4) Melanie & Neil - Total Eclipse of the Heart (I had the hardest time picking my favorite Melanie routine because I loved her so much in Season 8!)

5) Travis & Heidi - Calling You (the Bench Dance)


Amy & Alex - Bollywood!!

Travis & Benji - Gyrate

You gotta believe we are always dancing like no one is watching at the Casa. Even while waiting for library story hour. Ain't no shame!


  1. Love LoVe LOVE! #1 & #4 are my favorites from your post! And, absolutely loved your BONUS! Haha, bollywood just makes me happy and exhausted (just from watching)! Glad I stumbled across your blog from the Five Favorites! :)

  2. Loooooove these!!! And that Travis and Heidi bench routine is one of my FFFFFAVES of all time. :)

    1. That was the first season I started watching. Tranji was the best!

  3. That Bollywood dance was way fun.