Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Five Faves: Anticipating Thanksgiving

Linking up with Hallie for this week's five faves. There's no linkup next week, so I'm covering my Thanksgiving favorites now, sure to make natural food enthusiasts and Cheeseheads go running for the hills!

1) Grandma Baker's Sweet Potatoes

The Hubs' grandma makes the best sweet potatoes, y'all! (Somehow when writing about sweet potatoes, it just seems right to add a bit o' southern twang into the vernacular. Is it just me?) I'm sure the whole butter cow might be an accomplice, but they are delish!

2) Cranberry Sauce

No Thanksgiving meal is complete in my book without a heaping helping of cranberry sauce - jellied and right out of a can. No rings, no dice. It's one of those weird things the Hubs and I both agree on with fervor. Tsk away home cooks, tsk away.

3) Stove Top Stuffing

Now before anyone goes and gets their knickers in a bunch, I like homemade stuffing too. I just prefer Stove Top. Maybe it's nostalgic, or maybe my body is now dependent on the preservatives for survival. You'll find a box of these as a staple in our house most of the year in various flavors (not whole wheat - that was a fail). I know, we make healthy living and natural food enthusiasts everywhere proud.

4) Charlie Brown, of course!

...or as Li'l G calls it, "Chef Snoopy." Perhaps we've been letting her watch too much Master Chef... There are plenty of cartoons I watched as a kid that I'll re-watch now and wonder what the heck I was thinking. Charlie Brown is never one of them. Maybe it's because Charles Schultz stuck to pretty timeless themes. There's another whole post in there somewhere - the Gospel of Snoopy, perhaps? Anyway, I love watching this with my family, especially Li'l G who just thinks it is all so very silly. The Hubs is a fan of the toast scene himself.

5) This one is a loose favorite:

It's more a favorite by marriage. I love the anticipation, and now that we're not a 0-16 team, the hope of a win. Maybe a split record this year, Green Bay? Whaddya think? For the Hubs?

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving holds many favorite moments and memories, that you get your fill to eat and an cornucopia of blessings! (That's right. I paid attention in elementary school.) Hold off on that shopping and spend the day in reflection, relaxation and with family. If you have a little activist in you, let those stores staying closed on Thanksgiving know how thankful you are.

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  1. Charlie Brown is classic! And I love me some Stove Top stuffing- I snag a box at the store every now and then when I need comfort food with dinner. :)