Friday, November 15, 2013

Quick Takes: BatKid and Other Musings

1) Let's lead with proof positive that the heart longs for meaning and something greater than itself. A whole city has transformed into Gotham for a little boy battling leukemia. If you haven't seen news of this, it's remarkable. The city of San Francisco, in conjunction with the Make-A-Wish Foundation has transformed itself into Gotham, and with thousands of eager volunteers, is leading Batkid through a series of capers allowing him to play superhero for a day, ending with him receiving the keys to the city. If you are on Twitter, you can follow the news at #SFBatkid. It's pretty stinking awesome. Beats a flash mob any day. Oh, and great work to all the media making it possible for people to watch Batkid save Gotham live. What a phenomenal endeavor. See? We can do better. So why leave it just for today?

Seems like Make-A-Wish did something similar in Seattle in the past as well. Tip: Never read comboxes for the news. Horrid comments. Just don't do it.

2) If you've kept up with news from the Casa, you may know that we've all been battling a few bugs. We are mostly on the mend, but I keep getting this dry, pesky cough. It's rarely during the day. It is almost always at the most inopportune times, like when one of the kids is almost asleep, or I get a phone call, or I'm making dinner, or everyone is trying to sleep. I finally gave in and got some medicine, and that knocked me out to the point where I haven't heard the kids get up in the middle of the night for the last few nights on many occasions. Sorry Hubs.

3) That pesky cough is so dry, that by coughing I've been giving myself a headache. Last night especially my lungs were throwing a fit when everyone was trying to sleep. I took medicine. I had a cough drop. I drank water. Nada. Zilch. Zippo relief. Then I had a stroke of brilliance. When the kids have a cough that won't go away, I put Vicks on their feet and cover those tootsies up. You bet that's what I tried on myself. Wouldn't you know it is what finally worked?

4) What's a quick take without some sass? This week's rant: Christian radio stations who advertise and promote cosmetic surgery. "Made in the image and likeness of God..." until we improve upon it. Really? Insert church lady face here:

Or even better, Lady Catherine DeBourgh:

5) I think that Pope Francis still reads the 'Diaries. His tweet today:

My post earlier this week? Being missionaries of the Gospel in our everyday lives. What what? Yup. We're still simpatico.

6) Because I agreed to be the speaker for a ladies' Advent Tea at a local parish, I was also asked to submit a short bio. I haven't done a bio outside of young adult ministry in a very long time. It was a struggle to discern how to describe myself to an audience that had no familiarity with my background or former work. This is what I finally came up with.
Rakhi McCormick is a disciple, daughter, wife and mother who converted to Catholicism from Hinduism in her early 20s. She has served in ministry in various capacities, including on college campuses, with young adults, at the Archdiocesan and National level, and most recently at Mary’s Mantle, a Catholic residential program for homeless, expectant mothers. Constantly growing in her own relationship with Christ, Rakhi has a great desire to help others know Jesus and know themselves through His eyes.
'Twill do for now, I suppose.

Something also lit a fire under me to order personal business cards for the first time. While it scares me to no end to be speaking in this capacity because of my own insecurities (and I think this is a GOOD thing, or it would be me speaking and not the Holy Spirit), I feel like I need to be able to have something to hand someone who might want me to speak or write for them. This means, of course, that I need to polish up my portfolio of writing and artwork, so mama's got some work to do before December! As terrifying as it is (and let's be real, I'm just afraid of making a fool of myself, nothing more), it is also rather exciting. We shall see what's in store.

7) I have a GroopDealz problem, but I love my our new mantle decorations. Excuse the shaky hand feature of the panorama - our mantle really isn't wavy.

Thanks for stopping by to see what is going on at the Casa and braving the inner recesses of my mind. Go on over and visit the Seven Quick Takes host, Jennifer at Conversion Diary, if you haven't already! She's got some exciting news and interesting business ideas you may want to check out.

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  1. Rakhi, your bio sounds great, and I'm excited to hear what comes from your event. Life has a wonderful way of developing in directions that we would never imagine. And of course the Pope reads Pitter Patter Diaries! He wants to keep his ear to the ground of what's happening!

  2. Oh my gosh, Pope Francis totally stalks your blog!