Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sweet Little Miracle

Happy Advent, y'all!! November finally comes to a close and with it the NaBloPoMo, which means no more daily posting challenge. While it has been a great exercise, I am glad not to have to scramble on days when time is short and inspiration is scarce. I know you'll be glad as well! This month did teach me many things about what fuel me to write, as well as the conditions in life that do not lend themselves well to me writing much at all. I'm hoping to get into a steady rhythm to be able to share our adventures, sink into Jesus, and come out a bolder lover, servant and daughter in the end.

As for now, we are all set with our Advent calendar and wreath set up, but I'll wait to unveil the full shebang until's Advent wreath link up next Monday. For now, rest assured we are diving into this most holy season. The Christmas tree is up and ready for some decorating. One of our traditions is to put on a few ornaments each night, so the tree isn't fully decorated until Christmas Eve, when the star goes atop the tree. Last year we lost steam, but hopefully with Li'l G old enough to be excited and helping this year, she can keep us on track like any toddler with a one-track mind!

To kick off Advent, I was so very privileged to shoot a family/newborn session for my dear friends Erin and Tom. I wrote asking for prayers for them months ago when Erin was placed on bedrest. They lost their sweet boy Jackson almost a year ago after he was born at 23 weeks. Little Noah was born on September 23rd at 27ish weeks, and after many long days and nights at the hospital, he came home this Tuesday. Talk about a Thanksgiving blessing!!

I won't steal Erin's thunder here, though I had to share on Facebook, because, well, I just couldn't pick! Here are a couple highlights of today's session with this lovely family. Prayers for them all are still very much appreciated as they adjust to life together and still miss their little boy in heaven. You can visit Erin at her blog, too - And The 2 Became 1.

Peaceful and blessed slumbers to all! Come, Emmanuel, come...

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  1. Many prayers for Noah's continued health and for your friends to enjoy their first Advent/Christmas with their son! He's a cutie!

  2. Oh, all your photos are so precious, but the bottom one, sweet, sweet joy! blessings to you!