Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Thoughts on "Giving Tuesday"

I get it. I completely understand why "Giving Tuesday" was created. I may even, in future years when I remember that it is Giving Tuesday, participate in giving that involves matching donors. However...

You knew there was a however, right? Once again, the Christian message, the message of charity is a response. It is a response to consumerism and current trends. My issue with Giving Tuesday is simply that it shouldn't be compartmentalized into a response that gives "giving" one day. Giving, charitable work, should be something we are on the offensive about in this culture. It should be a habit that is cultivated and nurtured in our families and our communities.

More importantly, WHY we give should be made front and center. Care for orphans and widows... Whatever you do for the least of these... If someone asks your cloak, give them also your shirt... Sacrificial love... There is a giant reason we participate in charitable giving and merciful action - His name is Jesus. We do unto others because we believe we are doing unto Christ. We believe that all He has given us is a gift, and its purpose is to bless others.

We give out of thanksgiving to our God. We give out of love that has been poured into our hearts by Love Himself. We give not as a response to mass consumerism, though it is certainly a great response - we give because it is our calling. We are called to pour out our hearts, to share of our bounty, to give preference to the poor and the weak.

Lest you think I'm a crotchety old woman, I do like that we have Giving Tuesday. I do hope that people gave of themselves and not just from their excess. I sincerely hope that organizations benefited from all the buzz. I just don't like how commercial it feels, with the email barrage equaling that of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. I'd rather see continual effort and encouragement to give more and consume less. I'd rather see the limelight given on a regular basis to organizations that are serving those in need and taking up the banner of justice for the oppressed.

So by all means, please give - today, tomorrow, next month. Find a charitable organization that fits your family's heart and mission. Find a few if you are so inclined. Then commit to sharing your money, but also your heart and effort. Spread the word. Lift a hand. Buy less and give more. Just don't leave it all for one day - that's all I ask.

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  1. Yet another event that I have no knowledge of - nothing like it in Mexico (or like Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday either).